What If?

This dialogue happened between me and my sister last night while we're watching a tennis match between Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray.

Sister : Yu, what if Rafael Nadal came to me and proposed me to be his wife? I think I'd leave my husband for him. :ayuk:
Me : :sobrakana:If you do that, I will no longer consider you as my sister. This sisterhood will be over. I do not care.
Sister : Haha... How come?
Me : Well, you know that I like him and you're marrying him? How could you... It'd tortured me, of course... :damn:
Sister : Take it easy, Sis... By the way, if Rafael Nadal proposed you to be his wife, then Dennis Oh came and said he liked you, then Kimi Raikkonen also came to you,... From those three men, who would you choose to be your husband?
Me : :waaah: I DON'T KNOW!!! I think I'd write their name on three pieces of paper then with my eyes closed I pick one of them.
Sister : Or you can roll a dice... Or count your shirt's button...
Me : Or I can do poliandri. :ahaha:

Yeah, I know... what a-shameless-conversation.


  1. hauhauhauhau ah kaw... poliandri... boleh juga

    tapi benar...

    ta penting sekali pembicaraan inih huahuahuahau

  2. vote poliandiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    tapi kimi nya buat ku aja doooonkkk

  3. @natazya
    He-eh. Nda penting. Tapi, saya tetep deh setuju poliandri.

    Gak bisa... Kimi tetap punya saya! *siap2 perang*


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