Happy Birthday, Galeshka!

Dear Galeshka,

I know we’ve known each other for not a very long time. Eight months? More or less? Ah, it doesn’t matter, since I felt I’ve known you for ages. First time I knew you from Plurk, and thanks to Plurk, since that we’ve become close. Though latter, you admitted that you had been following my blog since mid year 2008. Thanks for being my fans, anyway. :D 

On December 2008, I still didn’t know you really well, but you helped me making my internship application letter, also you helped me making the internship report. :D Thank you for that.

And on one night, when we chatted on YM, I confided in you my secrets. The real secrets of me. I allowed you to see the dark side of me. You knew how messed I was (still am, I think). In that solitude night, I grumbled on everything. You spoke blandly to reduce my tension. It worked. Somehow I felt relieved and curious at the same time. We never met in real life before. I barely knew you, but I trusted you. Then, you, with your horoscope-thing belief, made hypothesis we felt close because we had the same shio which was Rabbit. “We had so much in common,” you said, “and I think that’s one of the reasons we feel connected. Like, I know you and you know me.” 

Okay. I don’t know much about horoscope, but I agree the latter. I feel there is a connection between us. 

Later on, you spoke to me on the phone, “Maybe we were brother and sister in the previous life.” Maybe. Who knows? What I do know is this: You are my brother in this present life.

So today, in your happy day, I would like to wish you a wonderful life. Hopefully you get everything what you want, what you wish for, and what you dream of. I am really sorry I didn’t have a gift for you to give (let me be honest that I’m in bankrupt state, :( ). All I can give is my prayers to you, my dear Brother. *wish you all the best deh pokoknya! hehehehe...*


I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for being my brother and my best friend. Thank you for lending me your shoulder every time I need it to cry on. 

You know, someone once said to me, “It is easy to find an enemy. When you sit on the sidewalk, just throw a pebble to a walking man, and... there! You’ve got your enemy. But, it takes so much effort to find a best friend. It needs patient, a lot of understanding, whirling emotions, and more to have one. Surely it’s not easy to find someone that understands you completely. And of course, it’s not that simple to have a person who offers his or her ears to hear all your whinning, moaning, sad-pathetic love drama, or simply your daily stories. But, all your efforts are worthed.”

I agree with that. Completely.

Once again, thank you for being there. For understanding me without judging me. For listening my stories without complaining. For all your lessons about value of life. Thank you for every thing.

Now, you will live a long happy life, won’t you? Throw all the ordeals behind you. Leave them all to yesterday. And have some fun! *youthful mode ON*


  1. this is a personal stuff I think ;)
    so I can't leave a comment about your post above..

  2. @morishige
    you just did leave a comment. :D

  3. Happy birthday Galeshka,,

    *masih belum kenal, tp sudah banyak dengar cerita ttg Galeshka dari Kimi..*

  4. thanks a lot kim, this really mean something for me, and i appreciate it so very much :)
    and really it's been an honor for me to have a sister like you ...

    thanks to icha for the good wishes too :)

  5. Saya baru pertama kali kesini, blom bisa banyak komentar soal postingannya.

    But tulisannya asyik ya, udah lama gak baca yg model begini... :)

  6. @zee
    Hehehee... Jadi maluuu... Terima kasih lohhh... :)


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