Last Sunday night, I went out to get some food.

As I was walking, I glanced at the sky. It was dark but clear. No stars. There was a moon alone shined brightly that night. It was a full moon and it was soooo beautiful.

I couldn't help myself for not smiling. Then, my thoughts went wandering to one place. To one subject. To you. The beautiful-full moon reminded me of you. It was so pretty, just like you were.

I kept walking. My mind kept thinking of you. Where were you now? What were you doing? Were you looking at the moon, just like I was?

I took a long deep sigh. Suddenly it occured to me that the warteg (hahaha,,, udah nulis pake boso linggis, makannya yo tetep di warteg. :D) which I headed was farther than I expected. Was it because of you? Was it one of your magic things? Nah, I didn't care. The farther the better, because it meant the longer I was thinking about you.

Ah, I miss you now. I've been missing you a whole week since the last time we met. I will miss you tomorrow. I will be missing you forever.

You know, that night I prayed. I prayed we're meant to be together. I also wished I could spent the rest of the night with you. I wished you sit beside me, accompanying me to watch the beautiful moon. We could sit in solitude, with your hand held mine. No need chit chat or so-called quality conversations. Let our hearts do the talking.


  1. aih kimi..

    kamu terlihat sedang jatuh cinta sekali :D

    dan ganti dong ah wartegnya... jadi public's resto gitu hahahah

  2. @Mas Joe
    ho oh. ini masih soal berondong kemarin, mas. :p

    @Mba Nata
    Ah, aku kan ingin mencontoh Mba NAta yang selalu terlihat in love begitu. Hehehehe,,,

    iya, teman sekampus. :p


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