This is What I Call Blast It!

What do you feel when someone doesn't answer your question for you already asking, like, thousands of time? What do you feel when someone you know passes you by without even looking at you for you already, like, waving to him (weird is he says hello to a person next to you)?

If you ask me, then I will answer I feel he or she has underestimated me. I take that as an act of trying to humiliate me, whether s/he is doing it on purpose or not. I will conclude that s/he despises me.

And, for heaven's sake, I don't like for being underestimate.

Okay, I don't wanna be a hypocrite. I look down on people, sometimes. BUT, I keep it for myself. I don't make it so obvious for others can tell that I have underrated someone. But soon I realise it is wrong, also since I know that I detest for being underestimate and know exactly how it feels, so I try my best to defense myself from that kinds of thought.

And I will always remember, both people and events, that put me as a victim of underestimate crime *halah*.

Like what happened on one night in few months ago. One of my cousins (in the name of secrecy, let's call him as A) called me and asked me accompanying him and another two cousins. I accepted his invitation. So, four of us hung out that night. We ate, played games, chatted, roamed the city with his car, until we found the night was already late and it was time to go home.

We took my other cousin, let's call her B, first to her home. So, there were three of us, me (the beautiful girl left in the car), A, and C (another cousin. :D) in the car. I sat on the back and those two gentlemen were sitting on the front.

I was sleepy and was trying to close my eyes when I heard them talking in whisper. Which made me sadder was they were talking in English as if I didn't understand any single word that came out from their mouth! (FYI, we were talking in Bahasa for whole night, then why suddenly they talked in English? Were they thinking that I was no capable of understanding any utterances if were spoken in English? I know that my English is so-so, but please, deh... This is what I call an underestimate!)

Okay, Lads, if you want to talk about something that is so confidential and want no one eavesdropping you, I highly suggest you to talk in language that people surrounding you don't speak that language--any languages, but no English nor Indonesian nor Lampungnese, since I comprehend those three languages even though only for a grasp. Another suggestion is you may find a secret place with no one but you know the place, and there you can talk about every thing WITHOUT need to whisper or feel afraid of getting caught. Most importantly, you don't have to say, "The girl behind you may hear what you're saying."


Another story is last night incident. I asked someone politely about his status on Facebook. Two or three times and no response from him. Did he think of me as a non-being and it was his justification for ignoring me? Or did he think of me as nobody, so he didn't need to answer my question? Another story me of being underestimate.


Like I said before, I would always remember both the people and events that put me as a victim of underestimate crime.


  1. Wait, kim. These two guys, they're your cousins, right? maksudku, kalo mereka emang sodaramu dan kalian cukup deket (tuh kalian hang out berempat malam itu, kan?), knp gak kamu tanya ato ngomong baik2 aja sm mereka? Kalo ngeyel, gaplok aja dari belakang :))

  2. wahahahaha emang! ada ajah orang kaya gitu!
    yeah well... dont bother...
    u just soooooooo much better! :D

  3. terima kasiiihhh... (cozy)

  4. Terima kasih, Mbaaaa... *hug mba Nata*


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