Dancing in The Rain

I was not in a good state when I decided to come to futsal practice last Wednesday afternoon. I felt my skin was a little bit warm and I was (still am) having cough. I haven’t been fully recovered from my sickness, yet I was forced myself to practice as I already sent text message to a friend that I would come practicing.

I’m not really a big fan of rain—in fact, I once hated rain—but that afternoon during the walk to my campus, I was hoping it would rain so I didn’t have to practice. I looked at the sky and it was cloudy, one of the signs that rain would pour down. I prayed, “Dear God, would You be kindly enough to give us, particularly me, rain down here?”

I didn’t stop praying during the walk.

When I arrived at campus' futsal court, sky was getting darker. I could tell you that my friends, from their faces, that they were worried it would rain therefore the practice automatically would be cancelled. Contrary to me, they, with all their big hearts, were hoping the sky was getting clearer and brighter. Hoping that sun would show up and would shine beautifully. But, God chose to answer my prayers, not theirs.

It started to drizzle when we were having our stretching. It was so clear to me that my friends were upset. They were annoyed with the drizzle and, of course, they were still hoping the drizzle wouldn’t turn into a big rain. One of them muttered, “Crap! Why would it rain when I’m in my zest to practice?” Oh dear friend of mine, believe me, the reason I hated rain was exactly the same as what you said.

So, with a big disappoinment—but a big smile from me—we had to finish our stretching. With a shambling gait, we took a shelter on a roof-bench. There we were waiting the drizzle to stop. Unfortunately, it’s not. But rather it became rain cats and dogs. Now, it’s my turn to get upset. If I had known that it would be a big raining, I wouldn’t have come. I’d rather to loaf around in my bed or finish my readings. Now, with such a big and hard raining—please do count lightning and thunder—we sat there, on the bench, with different intentions hoping it would stop.

An hour already passed and the rain didn’t show any sign to stop. One of my friends finally said, “Let’s play! I won’t come here for nothing!” To make it short, despite the big raining, lightning, and thunder, we all played futsal. Yes, we were playing futsal in that big raining afternoon and we all were soaking wet. We didn’t care flu or cough or fever might haunt us. We weren’t afraid at all. We looked like some innocent children playing around. We were laughing, shouting, playing stupid, mocking ourselves, on top of it WE WERE HAVING FUN. So much fun.

At that moment I felt how lucky I was having these futsal-addicted people as my friends. I was, am, and always will be grateful for knowing them and having them as friends.

So now, I do not regret coming for practicing that Wednesday afternoon. In fact, I am so blissed.

p.s. : Frankly speaking, it is appalling to me that now I’m intoxicated by rain. I’m starting to love rain. I love playing futsal in big and hard raining with my friends. I want to do it again. Soon.


  1. seems like i missed the rain too.. but i never missed futsal.. haha..

  2. seems like i missed the rain too.. but i never missed futsal.. haha..

  3. @morishige
    kapan yuk kita main futsal sambil hujan2an. pasti seru! ahahahahaha...


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