Last night a friend of mine asked me, "Can I pray to God to relieve the pain?" The answer was definitely, "Yes, you can."

In fact, you can ask anything to God. Problem is you never know whether God will answer your prayers or not. Whether He hears your questions or not.

Sound query, heh? Indeed, I do.

But, this morning when I watched news about another bombing attacked Jakarta, I prayed to God. I prayed God would torment the bombers and whoever behind these attacks, cut them into pieces, and let vultures eat them.

"Please, God, show no mercy to those who killed their own fellow men intentionally and brutally. Please, put them to hell. Just put them, who already creates another terror in this world, there and burn them."

I condemn you, moron. I condemn this calamity.


  1. gua yakin Tuhan akan selalu mendengar doa kita, cuma... kadang emang jawabannya gak selalu seperti yang kita harapkan. :) God works in His myterious way kan..

    tentang bombing... iya tuh moga2 para teroris segera masuk neraka dah! menyebalkan! gak punya otak dan hati nurani! huh!

  2. @Arman
    Iya, misterius. Dan juga bekerja dengan cara yang tidak akan manusia pernah bisa untuk pahami. *hasyah*


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