A Love Letter For You

Dear you,

Lately I have been considering thinking to tell you something. This something has been whirling in my mind for almost a year and a half. This something also makes me tingling in my stomach.

You know, I've been trying so hard to keep this feeling inside. I wanted to conceal it from you. So, in silent I smiled when you smiled. I cried when you cried. I hurt when you felt pain.

I just don't want you to know.

But, this couple of few days you were wandering in my mind. It's like a thick fog that had been covering my head. It's been you, you, and you. Always you. At first, I thought I was gonna through this phase. Some of the time, I'm getting trapped by the thought of you, though i'll get over it most of the time.

Unfortunately, I'm failing. I give up. Finally, I decided to tell you what's been bugging on my mind.

I like you. 

Won't say that "I love you", since for me "love" is a strong word. Besides, until now I haven't found the true meaning of "love". Let us just say that I'm retarded about this thing called love. But, I do know one thing for sure:

I care so much about you. And I miss you. So bad.

I watched each your game at last Psygame at our campus. Without your knowing, I gave you all my supports that I could give. Without your knowing, I enjoyed each of our hasty chatting on Facebook. I blushed when you said I played really good as a goalkeeper. Do you want to know the real reason why I was playing real good at that match? It's because you were there.

I fluttered when I found out you were the one who oversaw the game. You were the referee. What can I say, huh, apart from that I became nervous but on the other side I was so excited? All I know I had to play good at that match. So I did play good. Well, according to you, "You played really good". *blush*


My plan was telling you personally. But, I've changed my mind. I chose to tell the whole world instead about my feeling towards you. With one promise to my friend, "I won't say his name, but I assure you if he reads it then he knows it's about him."

Now, I don't care what you might think about me. I want to be relieved. Be freed from this untold feeling. Then, I will move on and I won't ask for more. I just want to be honest with you. That's all.


  1. @christin
    Go where, chris?

    iya, aku pasti bisa! *bisa apa tapi?*

    yes, it's time to move on. just remind me. :D

  2. good luck kimi,
    semoga dg ini hatimu menjadi lebih lega dan nyaman :)

  3. hm... just make a confess to him. before it's too late..

  4. Surat itu buat someone?
    Dia harus baca...... apa dia sudah baca?


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