Irfan Bachdim and All These Publicities ...

... are annoying me.

Now, tell me, who amongst you who don't know Irfan Bachdim? Or worse, never hear his name? Shame on you, if you don't know him. For him already famous in Indonesia, particularly amongst women.

and this is Irfan Bachdim

Irfan is a new football rising star in Indonesia and he's only 22 years old. So far in AFF Suzuki Cup, he has scored two goals.

I have to admit I liked him when I first saw him playing against Malaysia. His face caught my attention. Yes, for me he is good looking and I'm pretty sure millions of Indonesian women out there agree with me about this. You don't agree with me? Fine by me. sengihnampakgigi Plus, he played really good in that game. He made Indonesia played impressive. Certainly, he contributed to the team.

But then I changed my mind. Indonesia impressive games that had been shown to us when against Malaysia and Laos were not merely contributed by Irfan. Yes, he played good, but don't forget the other ten men on the pitch that wore red and white jersey. And the other players that sat on the bench.

I can't tell you, my fellow readers, about skills that Irfan posesses or how he plays in football technical language. I'm not capable of that. But, I can tell you this he's still young and has a lot of potensial inside him and I'm afraid overexposed publicities are only making he's conceited. This young man--and another players on national team--is our pride and hope that he and his mates will uplift our national football team to up level. We have been sinking in low level too long. We are longing a trophy. We are craving a winner title. And who knows this team, which now is playing on AFF Suzuki Cup, will surprise us in international championship. Who knows Indonesia will qualify into World Cup?

But then, I'm afraid with all these exaggerate publicities about Irfan will delude him and disrupt his concentration about his game, his football, his career. Who can guarantee me that he won't be tempted to play in s(h)i(t)netron or starring a Sozzis commercial ads? Or maybe he will replace Bambang Pamungkas in Biskuat advertisement? Just kidding. My point is it's too bad if Irfan's got swayed by all the adoration and publicities that he's got and then that will make him forget everything what he's been striving for in the first place, which is to play in Indonesia national team.

Come on, ladies and gentlemen. He's not THE ONLY player in our national team. There are Bambang Pamungkas, Okto, Firman Utina, Arif Suyono, Markus Horizon, and the others. And all of them are contributing to the team. I believe all of them are giving all the very best of them to Indonesia and to us.

Come on, guys. Don't act as if you never see a handsome and skilled football player. And, yes, I'm pointing at you, Infotainment Media.

*picture is taken from here.


  1. Interesting. I also got surprised when media bombastically threw up more and more about him. For me, hell with that. Indonesian media - especially infotainment is not my vital reference anymore as they just blast craps and no educational at all.

    Irfan Bachdim was good, yea I won't doubt. And as you say, he is still young, and what is more fascinating instead popularity for young man? As long as he would more motivated, it's okay, otherwise it could be a nightmare for Indonesian football in the future.

    Once again, infotainment is sucks. Irfan Bachdim rocks!

  2. @ Darin
    Let's hope infotainment will stop publishing news about Irfan too much. Let him focus on the games.

  3. well, it looks like we are going to have 'another' beckham here.'s getting suck.

  4. hnaya mengingatkan untuk menjadi juara dibutuhkan kerja keras, bukan selebriti :p


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