My Nephew and Niece Do Blog!

As a kid that was growing up mid 1990's, I could say that I barely knew internet. But I knew hide-and-seek play, gobak sodor, and another traditional play for kids. The first time I encountered internet was when I was in the first year at junior high school. At that time, I didn't know how to make an e-mail or browse the web. I used internet only for chatting mIRC. Okay, you may laugh at me. I allow you. :D

After knowing how to chat on internet, I knew how to make e-mail and most important now I knew how to browse the web. No one ever taught me that. I learnt all that by myself. And that means no one supervised me while I was using internet. Thank God, all that internet crimes, such as kids predator (read: pedophile) or kidnapping, didn't impinge me.

While I knew internet when I was 13 years old, my nephews and nieces are already acquainted with it when they are in elementary school. They know twitter, plurk, yahoo messenger, facebook, and they have blogs! Yes, two of my nephews and nieces manage blogs. They are Jihan and Haikal (they are 13 and 11 years old). I just found out this yesterday! Oh God, what kind of aunty I am! Don't know that my nephew and niece are already blogging. Such an ignorant I am! (I know I over dramatize thing. LOL)

Frankly speaking, they are more up to date about internet than me. For example, they know where to find a good template blog for blogspot, whereas I only use default theme from blogspot. That is a small thing to be an example. Don't start make bigger ones.

But, I have to say it such a shame for me, but it is a good thing for them. After years knowing internet, I made my first blog in 2006, while them now already have their blogs in the moment they touch internet for the first time. Do you see the different between kids these days and kids in past years? Well, maybe that is overgeneralize. Okay, question changed. Do you see the different between me and my nephews also my nieces? *sheepish*

I am so glad to know Jihan and Haikal are blogging. It is positive for them. They can learn to write everything in their blogs. They also can learn how to express their feelings through writings and may get feedback for their writings. I hope they will continue writing and never stop blogging. Who knows in the next twenty years they will be prominent writers? I also hope more kids do blogging since it is a good activity for them, and for us, too, I believe.

And, happy blogging, all!


  1. Yes! yes! yes... I see the different. hehehehe
    theirs even look much much better than mine. @_@,

    I m still using the default template too. working with the HTML just drove me crazy! but they seem got no problem with it. Their posts are great too.. for a 13 and 11 years of age, I think that's awesome!

    *eh, keren juga kamu posting pake english gini. ikutan aaaah....(tapi aku masi belajar si, still beginner)

  2. @ Huda Tula
    Sok atuh kalo pengen nulis pake english. Modal pede aja. Yang penting diasah terus kemampuan bahasa inggrisnya. :D


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