Welcoming Indoleaks

Jullian Assange.
I think he is cute!

I may not really know about Jullian Assange and his controversial Wikileaks, even though I read about the story of his "rape" and now he was arrested by UK police.

From news I have heard and read, they say Wikileaks has been leaking important news and information that should have been classified. Some classified information have made US government panicked. While some information make others feel like to comment that, well, some countries are frighten with Wikileaks existence. While others feel they are inspired to make similar website. From China, Russia, and maybe another countries I haven't known. :D

And this morning, while I was reading my google reader, I found one blog (I forgot which blog. Forgive me!) mentioned Indoleaks.org. Filled with curiosity, I clicked the web. Okay, it is similar to Wikileaks, but it is from Indonesia.

It says that getting information is our right. It is born as an answer from a deadlock to get information that has been our right, especially information that may become a weapon to attack evil ruler, bad politicians, and other demonic clans, like orc, nazgul, troll, etc. Okay, the latter one I was joking. And as its admin replied one of the comments, they were inspired by Wikileaks. They admitted the idea was not originally theirs, but to heck with that. I don't care if they are copycats Jullian Assange, but I do respect their intention to provide us documents that are confidential when public--that means us, Indonesian citizen, or all of you who care about it--has a right to know.

Now, in Indoleaks there is nothing much to be found since it's a brand new website, I guess. Fresh from the oven. But, let's wait another controversial story. Oh, I can't wait! *smirk*

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  1. Indoleaks.org >>not found<<

    this gonna be looks like wikileaks controversial

    *I want read the script >.<*

    Moz Wanted Software

  2. @ Moz Ice
    It's weird... This morning I can access the website, but now I can't access it anymore. Wonder what has happened? Ehm... *sok mikir*

  3. Honestly, I'm not too interesting when Wikileaks exploded. I don't know, might it just my personal thinking because I can't approve many political ideas pour in my head.

    But I must agree, Assange rocks! :D

  4. wikileaks sama indoleaks sama-sama nggak bisa dibuka. Kenapa malah situs penguak rahasia sebenernya malah nggak bisa diakses.. rrrrgghh

  5. @ Darin
    Plus, Assange is handsome! :D

    @ Gaphe
    Dari tadi siang kaya'nya gak bisa dibuka deh. Padahal tadi pagi saya abis donlod dokumen dari sana. Huh.


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