Six Things That Changed My Life

I just read a blog post from The Simple Dollar. Trent Hamm wrote a post about twelve things that changed his life. Suddenly I wanted to write the same thing. But, yes there is a but, twelve things are too many. I kinda lazy to think deep and to recall those twelve things are. So, I just make the list shorter. Here are the six things that changed my life.

1. My Father
The first two decades of my life I was never really close with my father. I thought he was distant. I also thought he’s kind of a father that didn’t want to get close with his children. He didn’t care of me. He didn’t love me. It turned out I was completely wrong. Actually, it was me that put a curtain between us and didn’t bother to get to know him. Our relationship changed for the better when I went to college. It was the first time in my life to live far from my hometown and my family, especially from him. It was the time I opened my mind and realized what kind of a person he was. He was a kind man, a family man, a father that loved his children. He was loved by many.

He taught me about life through direct actions. He showed me how to treat people with respect. Be nice to people and other things will follow, he said. He was never hesitant to help his friends or his relatives every time they came to my father asking for help. He was known to our neighborhood for his generosity.  He put our big family closer together.

And above all of that, he loved me although he never said it directly. I just knew. He showed it from everything he did for me. He put his faith in me. He believed in me. He believed that me—his little girl—would always try my best to make him proud. From that moment I realized my father loved me, it changed my life.

2. University of Indonesia
Ten years ago I ran away from home to Depok. I only had one thing in mind: I had to go to UI. No matter what. My father disapproved when he knew I got accepted at UI. There was no way I’d let UI slipped from my fingers for the second time. So I ran. I ran because I never really wanted something so bad before and I wanted this. I wanted to study at UI. I didn’t want to remorse and wondered what it would feel like to study there.

And it was the best rebellious act I ever did in my life. I learnt a lot here. I met new people. Studying outside my hometown made me humble. It opened my mind. I wouldn’t be like what I am today if I never went to UI.

3. Psychology
I have a confession to make: I didn’t know what Psychology was when I decided to choose it as my first choice in SPMB (Seleksi Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru. Please somebody translate this into English. :P ). Then I fell in love with Psychology. Psychology is fun. I know myself better from Psychology. Just like UI, Psychology also opened my mind. It gives me new perspective in life.

Then, I learn not only about me, but also about human in general from Psychology. Studying human from Psychology lenses is exciting. I have excitement when I touch or read psychology book. I subscribe various blogs about Psychology in my Feedly. Psychology does make me a better human being. It changed my life.

4. This blog
This isn’t my first blog. I had blogs before. But, they’re gone to extinction. This is my primary blog and I intend to keep it as long as I can. I will try not to delete this blog (believe me, the temptation is there!) or make new one and make it as my main blog. This blog has too many memories from 2008. Hundreds of blog posts have been published. Thousands of stories have been shared. All my laughs and cries were here. All ups and downs. You are all my witness of my life journey.

I gain a lot from blog. I’ve known and met incredible people from this blog. And I’m still planning to make new friends from it.

I’m getting better in writing through all these years because of this blog. I write, write, and write. Practice makes perfect, they say. Even though my writings are still far from perfect, at least they are getting better than years ago.

And from this blog I also learn to share, not only my personal stories, but also knowledge. I know we can do a lot of things with social media. You can do whatever you want with your social media account. I realize I want to leave a nice trace on internet. Internet already has too many trolls, hatred, scams, etc. I don’t want to add more any of that. I want to give something good and beneficial to us all.

All those reasons make this blog also changed my life.

5. Lintang’s blog
No, I’m not exaggerating it. You read that right. A blog changed my life. How could that even possible?

Well, it all started when I was so desperate with my acnes. My acnes were really bad and naughty. They all started to come out two or three years ago. My face became sensitive. I think it caused by my addiction to aesthician clinic’s cream and treatment. I routinely had my skin treated for chemical peeling, mesotherapy, and such. I never stopped using their facial wash, cream, and sunblock. I was their loyal customer for years. One day I realized that this needed to be stopped. It’s not good for me, my face, and my purse.

Then, acnes emerged. It got worse when I was using SK II clear lotion. I was getting more desperate. I was used to have flawless skin. Okay, not that flawless though. But, at least, my face was free from acnes. And all these acnes have been successfully made my self-esteem getting lower.

So, I googled everything about acnes, skincare review, DIY recipes, and other keywords I could think of until I stumbled upon Lintang’s blog. Her blog really changed my life. Lintang saved my life. Okay, the last one was exaggerating.

After reading all her DIY recipes, I decided to make the easiest toner first. I made cucumber toner. After that I made another one from different ingredients and another one, another one, until I became curious to make more complicated toner and mask. I made mask from fermented oatmeal, toner from fermented soybean, and many more. I have tried almost all her DIY recipes. So far, they work well on my skin. They give results.

Lintang gave me new perspective in life, especially about beauty. She said we didn’t have to use skincare and make up from high-end brand when there were cheaper options available on market. Just because it’s cheap that doesn’t mean it has low quality. Shop wisely. Choose the best ingredients for your skin. If you can make your own skincare, do it. It will be a lot cheaper and a lot safer.

I admire Lintang. I’m a huge fans of her. I love reading her blog. She’s smart. She writes well. She shares her knowledge. That is what I love the most from her blog. It’s like she’s doing the “dirty” work for researching, a lot of time for reading and writing, and also experimenting with her DIY recipes before she published them, while I’m—as her reader—enjoying her hard work.

6. You
Yes, you. You know who you are. You changed my life in a way that I can’t explain. You make my life more colorful. I never thought before that I could fall in love with you. Not in a slightest. Now here I am writing this: I love you. Always have. Always will. Thank you for coming into my life.


  1. Hi Kimy,

    I just realised that you have so many stories that are worth to share.
    Thank you for being sincere in your post,I can learn a lot of things from your stories.


    1. You're welcome, Mas. I always try to be honest, be it on internet and in my real life. :)

  2. oh you si you. Kirain akuuuuh *kecele*
    *pulang dengan kecewa*


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