My Sacrifice For Mas Rafa

Dear Mas Rafa,

You know I should've come to my Deutsch course this morning, in fact I didn't. Actually, maximum absences you can have is twice and I've already used them all. Being absent today, I put myself in a danger zone. Why? I have three absences already!! According to the course institution's rules, maximum absences you can only have is twice. If you have absence more than twice, it means you will not have your certificate for first level. You will only get a notification letter that you already pass it (if you pass the final test, of course) if you want to continue your course.

Do you wanna know why I didn't come today? It's because I watched you played, God damn it! I knew you would play this morning after Novak Djokovic's quarter final at Rogers Cup. At first, I only wanted to watch Novak (too bad he lost to Andy Murray) but I couldn't resist myself to watch you played. So, I decided to watch you beat Richard Gasquet in 3 sets (6-7, 6-2, 6-1) and it meant I had to sacrifice my Deutsch course with definite consequence that I won't have my level 1A Deutsch certificate. nangis

I am sacrificing my certificate because of you, Sir! Because I watched you play! Thank God, you won and I would be so upset if you had lost it. So, you'd better win this fu*king Rogers Cup as one of ATP Master Series. Or I will kill you for making me lose my certificate!! 38


  1. hmmm.. persis saat aku merasakannya dulu.. hihi

  2. Iya rela... Demi Mas Rafa deh apapun kulakukan! Meskipun itu termasuk kehilangan sertifikat. Hiks,, Hiks,,


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