The Blog

Kimi's Akademos is my shrine. A place where I need to escape or simply to pour everything out. You may find my gibberish here.

I have also made this blog as a medium for me to learn every thing which I find interesting. I read books and articles; I watch educational videos. Sometimes I summarize them here. By doing that, hopefully, I can retain those materials longer in my memory.

Another objective of keeping a blog is a memento mori. As a mortal, one day my time on this Earth will be up and I'll be gone. This blog reminds me that I have to write as much as I can, to record some of my important or less important events in life. So, even though I'll probably be already long gone, I can still hang around with my offspring. They maybe learn a thing or two from me. In some sense, well, I'm immortal!

Last but not least, I do really hope you enjoy spending time here.

p.s.: I have another blog that talks about books. Please visit Blog Buku Kimi. See you there!


  1. salam kenal, Kimi.

    saya baru tahu kalau kamu menyukai soal psikologi, evolusi, dan kosmos. jauh berbeda dengan isi tweet kamu,


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