Wimbledon Has The New Champion!

A thrill match. Breath-taking. Heart would like to stop beating. After four hours and 48 minutes, Rafael Nadal finally got what he wanted all this time : he won the final in Wimbledon. He defeated Roger Federer in 5 sets, 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7.

One of the best finals ever, I can say. Both players showed all their best. They gave us the highest quality of tennis that had ever been played. It was really interesting to be watched, but in the same time it played your emotion as well. Rafa lead 2 sets, Roger saved two championship points, and it's getting more intense in final sets. I kept praying for Rafa's win. My heart was beating so fast. My legs wouldn't stop shaking. I shouted. I jumped. I hit the floor. The game was really taking my breath away.

When Roger's forehand was dumped in the net, Rafa dropped his body on the floor and roared. He cried, smiled, and clambered the guest box to embrace his family. He walked over an adjoining roof to receive a handshake from the Spanish crown prince in the royal box. Finally, after 2 times got beaten in the final by the same person, in the third final he robbed the crown from the 5-times-Wimbledon-Champion in a row that is Roger Federer.

Rafa dropped his body after defeating Roger

An happy ending for Rafa, but not for Roger. He seemed despair for his loss the final to Rafa.

Roger looked very gloomy after losing the final

As cited from Wimbledon official site:

When asked whether it was a consolation that it was a great player like Nadal who had put an end to his 65-match winning streak, Federer’s humour became even darker. "No. Zero consolation. I didn’t learn anything new from today – certainly not about how to play him on grass. This really hurts… Losing Paris for me was nothing, losing here is a disaster." No more, no less.

It seems that Wimbledon means a lot to him. He loves Wimbledon so much (I guess...). So it must be devastating to be dethroned after a five-year reign in Wimbledon. His undefeated record on grass (65-match winning) has to be erased and re-written (if he can make another record! I mean will he still be the king on grass for the next six years?).

The final was started around 8.30 pm (Sunday night) and finished around 3.15 am (Monday "dini hari". Jakarta time, of course!). It was suspended due to rain. Twice. Four hours and 48 minutes (outside the rain). What a magnificent match.

p.s.: Thanks God, I don't have class today. I didn't sleep all night. I went to bed after Rafa had his trophy and it was around 4 am. I only slept not more than two hours. Btw, sorry for bad English written here. I'm still learning, though. Please tell me if wrong grammar occurs. All pictures were taken from here. And to you Sir, I am so happy... Happy... HAPPY...!!!


  1. Roger will always be the king...

    i’m sure, Roger comes back next year with a better backhand and forehand to regain the title!!

  2. You wish, Sir... But, I don't think so!


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