A Letter to Blogspot

Dear Blogspot admins,

I am already using Blogspot's service for two years and ten months now. I love Blogspot and that's the reason I'm still using Blogspot as my platform to blog. Starting my blog at bloggerbercerita until now I'm blogging here at arghett.

In last two years and ten months, I know for making its user more satisfied Blogspot has made significant changes. From template design to finally add its own blog statistic. We blogspot user used to put html code from third party to count our visitor each day. I, myself, used statcounter. But now, I already removed statcounter from my blog and now using blog statistic from Blogspot. It's fun to know what your popular posts are and how many unique visitors you have each day.

I'm satisfied with Blogspot and comfortable with it. But that doesn't make Blogspot flawless. Ever since I blog from February 2008 until now, Blogspot doesn't provide us a standard emoticon at its blog-post editor. Sometimes, I need to add smiley to my writings. I want to tell my readers when I'm smiling with an emoticon instead of using " :) ". Or, I want to show them that I laugh so hard that makes me roll on my floor with an emoticon instead of using " =)) ". If you know what I mean. You do know it, don't you?

Well, yes, I can add emoticon to my writings. But that means I have to use Mozilla Firefox when I'm logging in to Blogspot. I installed grease monkey at Firefox and grease monkey allowed me to install emoticon that I could use at blog-post editor. So there, you can see me grinning with big teeth smiley. sengihnampakgigi

Bad news is I don't really like using Firefox. I don't find myself comfortable of using it, therefore I choose Google Chrome over Firefox. But, here is the problem: I can't install grease monkey on Chrome. So far I know Chrome doesn't support add on.

I wish Blogspot admins read this and consider it to add emoticon/smileys to its features. So, I still can use Chrome with comfortable every time I login to Blogspot and give my readers smileys as much as I want it to.

Thank you. Cheers!


  1. I like Blogspot because since the beginning of my blogging blogspot engine was the first time that I use.

    Precisely because of the smiley blogspot does not support it so I finally memorized the code-code. I often experiment with the codes that take away from YM and then I use to comment on Worpress to view it.

  2. Kimi, I like emoticons. Could you show me how to install grease monkey into my Firefox, please? Thank you. :)

  3. yeahh, please provide emoticons, widget, and more easier when we're planning a template for our blog... template in blogspot is so simply and not interested......

  4. I love blogspot too. And I love Mozilla too.. I've used blogger since long, and i don't really think I should move to another platform. I'm already comfort with it.

    honestly, I don't really enjoy on reading a writing that full of emoticon. One or two are still fine. But when it comes too much (eg: on every single paragraph), I guess it's annoying, instead of fun.

  5. Just FYI, Chrome does support add on, you can find them at: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/

    And there is an add on that provides Greasemonkey capability on Chrome, called "Tampermonkey". https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo

    Hope it helps, while waiting Blogspot admin implements the smiley module ;)

  6. @ Nazieb
    Wooww! Thank you for your info ya! Nice info, gan! :D


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