Thank You, Garuda!

So, Indonesia won the second leg AFF Suzuki Cup final. Last night at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, we kicked Malaysia 2-1. Too bad, even though we won that wasn't enough to be crowned the winner title. We lost 2-4 aggregat score from Malaysia.

After we lost 0-3 at Bukit Jalil, I didn't put so much expectation. I already prepared myself for the worst. I was ready not to disappoint if Indonesia got bad result. I still hoped Indonesia would win with big score to take the title, but there was only hope. A slight hope. Right before kicked off, I could only dare to hope that Indonesia would play a good game. I don't care about the result. As long as the team play good, that would be enough for me. And I keep supporting them.

90 minutes had passed. The referee blew long whistle. The game was over. Once again, we've failed. Four times we'd been in final, four times we had failed.

Like I've said, I don't care about the result. I don't care we lost the title. Seeing our Garuda players played so wonderful last night, they absolutely made my night! I was so proud of them, I am, and I will always be proud of my national team.

At first Indonesia got a hit when Safee made another goal to Markus' goalpost. 1-0 for Malaysia. But, our players never gave up. In fact, that goal boost their spirit. They were more focus, more determinant, and they were fighting harder. Then Nasuha scored and not so long after that M. Ridwan scored the last goal for Indonesia.

And this is what I like the most from Indonesia. The never-die spirit they have shown to us has amazed me. And their impressive game from kick-off until the very last minute has been delightful to watch. Even Coach Riedl said first 45-minutes was the best of our game in AFF Suzuki Cup. Coach Riedl also praised his players' spirit and determination. They have shown their true characters on the pitch.

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Garuda players, you may fail win the title, but all of you have won my heart and another millions of Indonesians'. Thank you so much.

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I also would like to thank Alfred Riedl. Thank you for uniting us. Thank you for making us love our national team players even more. Thank you for making us believe that Indonesia is actually a great team. I know nothing about tactics, your coaching methods, or speaking technically about football, but I do know that in your hands Indonesia becomes impressive. Okay, maybe I too oversimplize it. But, to heck with that. Once again, thank you so much. A millions of thank yous. senyum

And, never forget supporters. A great team means nothing without supporters. So here, another thank you should be addressed to our great Indonesian supporters that have supported our national players tirelessly and endlessly. More than 90 minutes, Indonesian supporters that were in GBK Stadium were singing to give their national team support. They never stop supporting. And the most thing that makes me proud of them was they are very supportive and fair. They didn't point any laser pen to Malaysia. They stayed in their place to honour our national team until the very last minute. They left GBK without making any chaos just like some of us predicted (and I'm not part of them). I salute you! I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud to be a part of you.

How about Nurdin Halid? Should I thank him? Yes, I thank him for deciding Coach Riedl stays. Glad to know that he doesn't fire Riedl. But, umm, can I ask you something, Mr. Halid? When will you have a heart attack, please? I can't wait for you to send my regard to Angel of Death. *sounds desperate*

Here, I quoted Benhan's tweet that I find it amusing!

@benhan: Even God didn't allow Nurdin to take the credit of Timnas remarkable performance. He gave us defeat after istigosah. Wonderful



  1. "They didn't point any laser pen to Malaysia."

    Etoo, I caught a glimpse of green laser on Khairul Fahmi's face. :P

  2. emang sih. tapi kan abis itu si penyorot laser langsung digebukin. jd, anggep aja gak ada laser. hehehe... #pembenaran


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