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This morning when I logged in to my blogger account, I read a new comment here. It was one of my first posts in my early blogging in blogspot and I quite astonished that someone would drop her or his comment on that post. I mean, come on, it's not my popular post. No one ever reads that post (based on blogspot statistic, of course). And that makes me suspicious maybe this commentator is a friend of mine. I can say it from the way he or she commented. It's like he or she knows me. Somehow, his or her words sound familiar to me. 

So, I went to the commentator's blog (and after reading her blog I knew that this commentator is a she). There, I read one post that I'm pretty confident she mentioned me. 

Setelah rajin baca blog milik teman, kok bagus amat ya nulisnya, bisa dapetin ide-ide dari mana tuh anak...
Terpesona (pilihan kata yang menggambarkan keadaan saya saai itu) hihihiy...#jadi pingin malu
translate: after being loyal to read my friend's blog, how could she write something good like that, where did she get all the ideas. Stunned by the choice of words that described my condition at that time *laughing* *sheepish*

I knew the person that she meant was me. I knew it! I knew it! Besides, after reading her blog, I have one name in my mind and I'm sure I'm not mistaken. This is definitely my friend. This was the one who accompanied me buying my Mucu. Remember Rini? Yes, that's her. 

Fans: Please, Kim. How can you be so sure that she is your friend and the person she meant at that post was YOU?

I don't need to tell where I get that confident. I just knew it. And after I asked Rini, she said that yes that blog was hers. And the next question I asked her, "Did you mean in your post was me?" Again, she answered yes. 

Now, I'm a little bit conceited and my cheeks are blushing now.

But that is not the main reason I'm writing this post, though. Yes, I'm flattered and a little bit conceited (mark the word "a little bit", okay? Hehehe...), but the most feeling that is dominating me is happy. Yes, HAPPY. I am so happy knowing my good friend finally made her blog and started writing. I am so happy because she decides to manage her own blog and that was because she always read mine and that made her thinking, "Okay, I want to learn writing and start my own blog."

saya juga mau belajar menulis seperti teman saya itu, dan itu saya mulai dari sekarang.
Saya memulai langkah kecil yaahhh setidaknya belajar berani dulu walau masih acak-acakan.
translate: I also want to learn writing just like my friend, and I'm starting now. I made a small step. At least, I have to learn to be brave (to write), even though (my writing) still a mess. 

Can I cockily say she's inspired by me? Uhuk... Uhuk... *coughing* 

Above that all, I must appreciate her braveness of starting blogging. So far I know blogging thing is her new experience. And based on my experiences every time I persuade my friends to blog mostly their answers would be "I can't write", "I don't know how to blog", "I'm shame of my writings will be read by people", etc. 

Ini juga masih banyak rasa takutnya, tapi tak apalah mengawali langkah kecil untuk sebuah keberanian
translate: I'm still afraid, but that's okay. This is a small step for a braveness. 

I have to give Rini a credit. She admitted she's afraid. Afraid of what, that I don't understand. But, albeit she's afraid, she affirmed her intention which is learning to write through blogging. Please, my readers, give her some applause! *applausing*

Rini has reminded me Mr. Darin's post. About William Hung's trying to go audition on American Idol, despite his lack of singing and dancing capability. And, as I commented on the post, I wrote:

My opinion about this, well, the least I could say is never afraid of trying. Trying to write, of course in this case. Just like Hung guy wasn't afraid and he gave his best shot. That is we must appreciate and we can learn from that.

Rini has just showed me that. She's actually not afraid of trying. Let say that she's afraid, well, she already defeated her fear. 

p.s.: *talk to myself* So, this is what it feels like being an inspirational one for others. Lovely feeling.


  1. wah pake english leaguage.. aku ga bisa..

  2. I was different. If Rini afraid to write, I do not. I'm just afraid to write in english. Ha Ha Ha

  3. sik.. rada berat ngebaca dan mencernanya di otak saya.. *abis ngebaca posting ini trus berharap lahir di British*

    tapi seneng loh kayaknya bisa jadi inspirasi orang lain buat ngelakuin sesuatu. Congrats yak Kim!


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