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Obviously I don't know what to write. This is kind of a push-myself-hard-to-write post, even though I don't have any topic to write down.

But to make it simple, let me share you my day. A day which I have spent. A day which I experience. And, I think this is cool to write and put it into category "my daily life". Let me bore you with my stories about my activities in daily. Starting now. Until... I get bored myself. Oh, forget to tell you, I have a target to write every day here for the next seven days. I hope I can succeed.

So, today I had lunch with my friend, Puti, at Law Faculty University of Indonesia. I had porridge and mango juice, while Puti had rib soup and strawberry juice. Now, I'm thinking about it and smiling and that is about the price. A mango juice is more expensive than porridge. I mean, a drink  is more expensive than a food. A mango juice cost me Rp 6,000.00 and a bowl of porridge cost me Rp 5,000.00. But, never mind. Forget it. This is my random thinking. =))

Before having lunch, I went to my campus. To be exact, I went to a computer lab at my campus. There I searched journals for my minithesis. Oh, have I told you that I'm planning to change topic for my minithesis? Yes, I'm planning to change it and still working on it. Don't you bother to ask me why I change the topic. But now I face a problem which is lazyness. I have too many reasons to hamper myself from reading journals. I am too lazy, too think every thing lightly, and in the end the consequences from that sometimes make me want to jump from a tall building in Jakarta.

And last, my father forbids me to watch Indonesia football national team that will be playing in AFF Suzuki Cup in Jakarta. The match between Indonesia versus Malaysia will be held at 26 December 2010 at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur and at 29 December 2010 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta. He said that he was worried there might be a chaos and ended up I got trampled on. Nice. Parents do always concern for their kids, even though their kids are already 23 years old. 

As a nice kid I will do as my father says. I hope Santa Claus will put my name on his "Nice kids and deserve to get presents" list. I wish he will give me an e-book reader as a christmas gift. Well, I'm not a Christian nor celebrate Christmas. But, I suppose the good heart that Santa has will ignore what my religion is. :D

Just a quick info. Here is the ticket price for AFF Suzuki Cup final. Yes, I know. Very expensive. 


  1. "Well, I'm not a Christian nor celebrate Christmas. But, I suppose the good heart that Santa has will ignore what my religion is."


  2. @ Fussythoughts
    You like it? Me, too, like the sentences. I surprised myself that I could write them! =))

  3. Ups...
    finally i got a spare time to dropping bye here.

    I think, it's okay to write about your daily activity--especially in English (for me it's not easy).

    I myself, still trying hard to write in English. But, it is damn hard to let it flow... even write this comment takes a big effort (T_T)

    but you just seem so effortless to wrote those posts.

  4. dear santa, i want what i want *nebeng ya kim*

  5. @ Huda Tula
    Says who I'm so effortless to write in English? It's not easy, you know. I have to open my dictionary to check and find vocabularies, need more time to check on grammar, etc. Point is writing in English for me does need some effort and maybe a little bit tiring. I can write for hours if I'm writing in English. But in the end, I love the process and I hope my English is getting better if I'm disciplined writing posts here in English. :-)

    @ takodok
    And, what do you want, dear? :D


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