A Daily Post Project

I never consider myself as a good blogger. A good blogger here means he or she is consistent in writing in his/her blog, either he/she writes one post each day, one post each week, or three posts in a week. Point is a good blogger always updates his/her blog. Well, that is my definition. If you have different opinion from me, it's okay. Or maybe you want to add something into my definition? What's that? Tell me.

So, back into the topic. I'm not a good blogger. I'm not consistent in writing. There were times when I never logged into my blogger account and ignored my blog for months. Last year, I've written only 73 posts. It's average 6.08 posts every month. Not a sign of productive, I think. And, between August - September I didn't write any single post. I couldn't imagine what my fans would've been thinking about me in my hiatus time.

Fans: Uh, Kim. We wish you try to put yourself in our shoes. Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be in our position? Despair in waiting and asking when you would publish new posts.

I'm sorry. Really really sorry. sembah

But, I do understand your feeling. I often feel myself that way towards bloggers whose blog I subscribe in my Google Reader. I appreciate a blogger who always tries to update his/her blog in the midst of his/her tons of activities. I hold in esteem a blogger who spends a little of his/her time to write on his/her blog despite he/she hardly has time to breathe.

If you want to know, let me tell you something. Sometimes in my spare time, when I lay down on my bed, a tought comes across in my mind: what happens to X? Why hasn't he updated his blog? It's been months.

Or: what is Y doing now? What keeps her away from her blog? I never read her posts anymore.

Well, I do sometimes wonder myself like that. sengihnampakgigi

In order to work on one of my resolution, which is being consistent in writing on this blog, and don't want to let down my fans *coughing*, I join daily post project. As written on its blog, it says:

Here at WordPress.com we like blogs. We like bloggers. And more than anything else, we like bloggers who blog.

So do I. I also like bloggers who blog and update their blogs in consistent.

But one hard part of blogging is beyond the awesome tools you use. It’s the posting. Coming up with ideas, writing them down, or picking the right photos, can be quite the challenge. And then you need the courage to hit that Publish button.

I often hear a saying, "I don't have any idea. I don't know what to write." Well, I believe there are millions of ideas around you if you want to try harder to find them and write them down.

But, if you keep insisting on it, dailypost helps you to find your topic. It will write every day and give you a new topic each day that you can write on your blog. Dailypost sounds very generous, isn't it?

Fans: But, Kim, you haven't told us what actually dailypost is.

Oh, I haven't? My bad. Pardon me.

I'd like to see dailypost as a project. A project starts from Wordpress to encourage its bloggers to blog, to write daily, for this whole year.

As I read here, Wordpress actually has two campaigns.

As part of the DailyPost, we’re launching two campaigns:
  • Post a Day 2011: Post something to your blog every single day through 2011
  • Post a Week 2011: Post to your blog at least once a week through 2011

So, if you think you're too busy that you don't want to join this project, at least you can join "Post a Week 2011" campaign. Spend your time, an hour or two in each week to sit in front of your computer and start typing on keyboard. Write something. Give to your loyal readers your stories. I'm sure they will be happy reading updates from you.

Fans: But, Kim, it's Wordpress' project. What about bloggers who don't blog at Wordpress? Can they join in this challenge?

Well, until I'm writing this, I don't read any rules that is saying this project is exclusively only to Wordpress users. I don't think what your blogging platform is as an obstruction to join this project. As long as you commit to write and you have a blog, feel free to be in a part of the project.

If by any chances, I miss the rules, well... I don't care. I will write every day, with or without dailypost project. I hope you do the same. senyum Just like Mas Andi Sakab and my friend, Dhea.

I'm so enthusiastic about this project and support it. I hope I can success finish the line. But, there is no guarantee I could fulfill the challenge until the last day of this year. I mean, there are still 362 days and I don't know what obstacles are laying ahead. Maybe my internet connection goes down, or I'm in a remote area so I can't access internet, or I'm so super duper hectic and I can't touch internet. You'll never know. Yet, it is worth to try.

Now, you know that I join dailypost, to be precise I join the "Post a Day 2011" campaign. Actually, I join this project since my first post in 2011. What say you? Do you want to be part of this? Ah, well, you know, I dare you to take this dailypost challenge.

p.s.: This is day 3 since I've joined the project. There are 362 days more to go.


  1. Sorry, Kim I can't get this Daily Post Project. Write one post per day was hard for me. I might just be able to once every two days. But this is an interesting challenge. Congratulations Kimi is brave to take this challenge.

  2. so my problem...
    consistency... ^^

  3. I already started with 365 blog project and I already feel intoxicated :s

  4. great resolution.. hope you can make it :)
    happy new year to you too :)

  5. Good luck for the project. Andi Sakab really inspiring blogger.

  6. Hahaha... Thank you... Thank you... Hope that I can make it until Dec 31, 2011. :D

  7. Thanks... And happy new year to you! :)

  8. Yeah, I read your blog about it. But, I never thought that I would do it. Well, now I'm working on DailyPost project. Hope I succeed. :D

  9. So is mine. But, it is worth to try. :)

  10. Thank you, Sir. Well, I'm just trying to write consistently in this blog. That's why I'm joining this project. :)

  11. great. i love it. I'll write you blog to my 365 blog project list blogger :)


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