Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Bag

I want to tell you something, my fellow Readers. And this is something I wanna tell you from two weeks ago.

Fans: What is it, Kim?

I finally bought my first MU merchandise!! I bought MU bag! MU, people! MU! Yes, that Manchester United. The club where my lovely Chicharito is playing. love

I bought it at Nike outlet in Paris van Java, Bandung. The price tag was Rp 206.000,- and that after discount 30% off. If I'm not mistaken. I lost the payment receipt.

So, my bag is cool, right? Just like its owner. We're both so damn cool! encem

By the way, last night MU won 2-1 against West Bromwich Albion (WBA). But, it was a poor performance. I give credit to WBA squad. They stood their ground against MU. They never gave up. It was proven with WBA never stopped attacking MU and messing with MU's defense even though they had deficit one goal.

I guess WBA was unlucky last night. But, that's football. Playing a good game doesn't mean you can win the match.

So, MU is still unbeaten in 19 matches, despite their unstable performances. You can say that either MU is lucky, MU knows exactly how to maximum their chances winning the game, or MU's defense is sturdy.

No matter what, I still love MU. cium


  1. tasnya baguuuss.. ayo kita jalan2 kemana kim? :D

  2. jalan-jalan kemana saja, kitin... Asalkan aku bersamamu... *gombal detected* =))

  3. Wew, is there Chelsea Bag? I wanna buy one :)

  4. So hot and sexy, yes? Just like me. *plaaaak*

  5. I really don't know about that. I'm not a Chelsea fan. :P

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