Podcast in My Cellphone

day 10 for "Post a Day 2011"

I don't know what podcast is. I never listen to some podcast before even though my cellphone is provided with podcast menu. But, a few weeks ago finally I downloaded a podcast for the first time! sengihnampakgigi

Yeah, you can call me outdated or whatsoever, but that is the truth. I've just listened podcast two weeks ago for the first time and I like it. I like podcast.

It was started when suddenly I awakened in one night a few weeks ago. I couldn't close my eyes to sleep again, so I took my cellphone and doodlebugged with it. I never used podcast before, but that night I wanted to try it. I was curious.

What is podcast? Is it just some kind of blog, but you use voice to "write"? Here, I quoted for you from Wikipedia:

A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

So, I went to a podcast menu. Updating some channels and browsing their podcasts. Downloading some (thank God, Three's internet connection was good) and, finally, listening to them.

From my podcast menu, I chose to subscribe Grammar Girl's and English as A Second Language's channel. I think they are good podcast stations if you want to improve your English, especially about grammar, writing, and conversation. Since I'm determined to make my English getting better and better, listening to a podcast is one of my ways to reach that goal. It's good for practicing your listening ability. Seriously.

Now, I'm considering to have my own podcast and making it as my audio blog. I think it's cool when you record your voice and upload it on internet, and get people who want to listen to my podcast station from their cellphones or directly from my blog. Even by imagining it, I get excited.

A problem is I don't know what to talk about for my podcast station. I also don't know how to edit a record before getting it uploaded on internet. You just can't upload a raw record for your podcast, right? With the "errr..." and mistakes you may make while you're recording. But, I promise to you that one day (I don't know when), I'll upload a podcast.

In the meantime, maybe I can try Hipcast.com to learn more about podcast.


  1. hmm :'(
    my celly doesn't support for podcast. Hp getek si. But I don't really think to have my own audio blog either. But if you, finally have it, hope you still writing.

  2. sebenernya nggak ngerti cara makenya.. entahlah apa mungkin bisa dipake di hape no*ia saya.. udah cukup pake mp3 player bawaannya sih..

  3. Saya sih masih suka menulis; suara saya jelek, dan ngga bisa ngomong. Boros bandwidth pulak :D

  4. Nah, itu juga sih yang saya pikirin. Boros bandwidth. Belum lagi koneksi internet disini kan masih lemot. Ntar kalo mau upload podcast, mau berapa jam coba baru selesenya? =))

  5. Tipe hp kamu apa dulu? Biasanya sih klo ada menu podcast di hp, pasti bisalah nyetel podcast. Lah wong, ngedengerinnya juga dari music playernya kok. Hehehe... :D

  6. Iya, saya tetep nulis kok. Podcast mah kapan2 aje bikinnya. Klo pun jadi bikin, gak tiap ngeblog juga kali saya upload podcast. Hehehe...

  7. i don't knw nothing about podcast.. how embarassing I am :(

  8. no. that's not embarassing. if you don't know, what about listen to some? :-)


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