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day 9 for Post a Day 2011.

I was awakened suddenly three hours ago from my beautiful sleep. And I can't continue sleeping until now. Nice.

So, I checked my twitter. I read people in my timeline were tweeting about Mr. Tifatul Sembiring (google him if you don't know who he is!) who wants to shut down RIM's service in Indonesia if it doesn't close access to pornography. What does he think actually? Is pornography the only best thing he can come up with? Get a life, Sir.

One more question. Does Mr. Sembiring think that Blackberry users' brains are so filthy that they only access porn in their Blackberry devices? What about people whom use Blackberry for working and doesn't even have time to think about porn? Well, they are two questions, not one. sengihnampakgigi

Hello, Mr. Sembiring!

Funny is Mr. Sembiring uses Blackberry. Maybe we should check what he does with his Blackberry. Maybe he visits porn sites or browsing Vicky Vette's sexy pictures.

You know, I have my own theory about this. I tweeted in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language):

Menkominfo mengancam menutup BB, mungkin untuk melancarkan penjualan hp merk lain. *teori konspirasi*

In English, it says something like:

Maybe our minister threats to close Blackberry in order to increase sales another cellphone brands. *my conspiracy theory*

Now, let's leave Mr. Sembiring with his phobia of pornography. I hope one day he can make peace with pornography. Amen.

So, after getting bored with twitter, I closed my opera mini and turned off my cellphone. Then, I opened one book to read. I continue reading Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King (but, in Indonesia translation). I hope I can finish it soon. Now I'm in page 207. I love LoTR saga, by the way. You should read them, methink. And watch the movies if you haven't watched it yet. Very highly recommended.

Before finishing this writing, I just want to tell you that my blog has been valued at $6,326.92. Oh, my. How I wish that money is for real.

Anyone wants to buy my blog with that price? duit

note: the picture was taken from here.


  1. I don't know him much. Is he a minister? :D What the heck, I've never watch TV or news!
    BB got blocked? Wew, thanks God I use Nexian! haha

  2. well he always over reacted to pornography. I think rather than wasting his energy against porn, it is much better to focus on media literation. Make Indonesian smart, give them capability and freedom on choosing/using their media. blocking or shut down the service is kind humiliating. It's like underestimating our capacity. Just let us choose by ourself.

  3. I rarely watch TV, but I watch my twitter timeline! =))


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