What Did You Write Today?

note: this is day 6 since I started DailyPost project.

As you already know since 1 January 2011 I'm participating a WordPress' "Post a Daily 2011" campaign. Every day I write a post. So far, I'm doing it well. And for next few days I already have some topics to write. Hopefully it will always be in this way. sengihnampakgigi

Usually the main obstacle to write is lack of any ideas. To anticipate this, WordPress has a solution. They write every day to give us a topic to write. As for today, the topic is "Are You Stressed Out?". It is optional. You can write it on your blog if you like. Or you can write about other things. For me, I'm not going to write this. I have my own.

Fans: What is it, Kim?

Well, it's about tips to find a topic for your blog.

First, bring a note book to every where you go. You may find interesting events or people on road, in public transportation, in a market, anywhere. Just write it. You can edit it later when you already arrive at your home.

Second, if you already bring a note book, there is no harm to bring a camera. Just snap your camera to any objects you like. You may get beautiful pictures and you can upload them to your blog. You don't have to buy DSLR camera immediately after you read this post. A cellphone camera will be okay. Well, just want to tell you, I have my pocket camera Canon Digital Ixus 75. I have it for almost two years now.

Third, you can go to websites that prompt topics. A lot of websites give prompts and we can use them as our topic and write it on our blog. Maybe you can go to Plinky or The Prompt Writer to get your topic.

Those are three tips I can give you to get a topic to write (if you'd like to add, please share to us). So, there is no more excuse like "I don't have any ideas to write". FYI, I said that to myself. sengihnampakgigi

But, if you still have excuses, like "I'm too busy. I don't have time to write." errr... Do you really don't have time for an hour or two in each week to sit down in front of your computer and write?

Fans: What if we don't have access to internet?

That is called fate. It's your destiny. tumbuk *suddenly someone give me a punch*

And, if you say that you're lazy, well, there is no cure for a nature like that except yourself. ihikhik

Oh, one more thing. Don't be afraid of quality-writing thing. If you're so worried that write every day will make your writings less quality, well... There are always people out there whom will come to your blog and love anything you write on it. Just write, okay?

So, what did you write today?


  1. great. note book, bring a camera, and reading prompt topics. i will try it :)

  2. wah tipsnya mahal Kim.. hahaha..

    menjawab pertanyaan terakhir :
    today i write something yang bikin ngilerrr...

  3. i just wanna say... have a hardrockin' new year of 2011 :)

  4. Thank you. And you too may have a hardrockin' new year. :D

  5. Ah... Mas Andi mah bukannya selalu dapet ide dari mana2 yak? :D


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