Letter #4: Teleportation

Day 35. Post a Day 2011.

Dear God,

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time. There were times in the past that I would like to change. Some things I did and I wasn't proud of myself because of them. I regret them. Especially times in my senior high school years.

I was so stupid back then. Unnecessary mistakes had been made, sloppy attitude I had had, I was rude, etc. But, the most thing I regret is the moment I let my (ex) bestfriend found his own girlfriend. How could I be so blind that actually he fell in love with me? How could I not see that? And now I leave myself wonder what would my life be if he and I were a couple?

Oh, how I really wish to go back in year 2002 - 2005.

So, God, if You let someone invents a teleportation machine or a teleportation application for smartphone, I would be so happy. I would go back to my years in senior high school and set things right.

I know there is no guarantee that our relationship might go last, but at least there were days I would've spent with him. And that is something I won't regret for my whole life.

But then again. Regret is futile.

no regrets, they don't work
no regrets now, they only hurt

p.s.: And, God, I don't know what's wrong with me but last few days I keep thinking about him. Is that supposed to mean that I miss him?


  1. I won't back because I love my (present) life :)

  2. Saya juga untuk memperbaiki yang lalu...

  3. You are what you were :)


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