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Day 67. Post a Day 2011.

Last day in year 2010 I made resolutions. One of my resolution is I will write more blogposts in English. Here's the resolution:

... Writing more and more in English in this blog. This is important! And my main aim is not to reach wider audience, or people in United Kingdom will be my subscribers (even though I don't refuse it), but it's simply I have to practice my English. My old man had spent a lot of money to enroll me in any kind of English courses and I don't want he spent for nothing. Yes, English is my second language and writing in not your mother tongue takes more effort, but I'm trying. People say language is more like habit. The more you use it, the more you're getting accustomed to it. I hope one day my English will be flawless. ...

But, it seems I start forgetting it. The last time I write in English was on March 21, 2011 in this post. And since January 1, 2011 I've only written 12 blogposts in English (including this one)! 12 from 67 blogposts. That is 17.91%. Scarcely near 50%. Geez... No wonder I'm getting worse about this language. I never use it in my daily life, either speaking or writing in English.

So, what if start from now on I will write blogposts in English twice or thrice a week? I think that is a good idea. I hope through writing in this blog I can practice English and hopefully my English will be getting better and better! Hurray! Oh, pray for me to be consistent in doing it. :D

By the way, last night when I read a book, I read this:

To manage the terror that arises from the certainty that we will ultimately die, we attempt to assure ourselves that we are meeting the culture's standards of value.(Baron, Byrne, & Branscombe, 2006).

If you ask me what it means, go figure it out by yourself. ;))

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  1. Thanks for your prayers! :D

    Btw, okay I will delete your previous comment.


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