Jakarta oh Jakarta

Day 75. Post a Day 2011.

My relationship with Jakarta is in neutral state. We don't have love or hate relationship. Jakarta hasn't given me any memorable memories, either a good one or a bad one. So, I can't say I love it or I hate it. But one thing for sure, I will not live in Jakarta if I can. For good.

This city leaves so deep impression in me, in a negative way. Therefore I have my own perception about Jakarta. I see Jakarta is too crowded. It is densely populated. No wonder it has its own problems, such as traffic jam, too many crimes, water is becoming scarce, and many more. With all those problems, I don't want to work here or live here. I prefer working in my hometown to working in Jakarta. But, my mother prohibits me. She'd rather ask me to stay and work in Jakarta. When my parents ask me something, I don't have any power to argue.

It's true that job opportunities are more available in Jakarta. You can find any jobs here. Not merely jobs, but also you have opportunities to develop your career. That's what important, right? When you have a job, you don't want to be stagnant. You want to develop. You want your skills and your hardwork to be appreciated by getting your job paid well and getting a promotion.

Now, I'm thinking. If more and more people in Indonesia move to Jakarta to find a better living, can you imagine what Jakarta will be? It will be more crowded and more problems will follow. And Jakarta will be more inconvenient to live in. And if more and more people move to Jakarta, who will build their hometown?

Jakarta. A city which I've tried so hard to avoid, yet I will live in it. *sigh*


  1. sepakat banget mbak. tapi sayangnya saya belum nemu lokasi kerja yang mau nerima jasa saya selain di jakarta :(

  2. yes, yes,


    padahal nggak ngerti...

    huraayyyyy bisa komeng *joget2kayang*

  3. Hear hear! *dari yang semalam mengeluarkan sumpah serapah karena terjebak macet 3 jam*

  4. berat tapi sebuah kebutuhan :)

  5. my cousin work in Jakarta, and he loves it. hard to believe...

    >>"When my parents ask me something, I don't have any power to argue."
    good dougther...

  6. You mean "good daughter"? :D

  7. cup..cup.. sabar ya, om! btw, siapa suruh datang ke jakarta? *dikeplak om brad*

  8. Hahaha... Selamat! Mohon maaf klo selama ini susah komen di sini. :D

  9. Saya juga sekarang belum tahu perusahaan mana yang mau nerima jasa saya. :(

  10. Maksudnya berat tinggal di Jakarta? Memang berat... :(


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