My Story on 1 June 2011

Day 76. Post a Day 2011.

Last night, my friend and I were having a discussion. We're discussing about her undergraduate thesis. I'm not gonna say that I critized her thesis, but it was like I asked her every thing from her thesis that was confusing me. In the end, it sounded like she's having a thesis-defend simulation with me asking her this and that.

You know what, this morning when I just woke up she told me that after our discussion last night, she didn't sleep well. Her heart beat so fast when she slept last night. She admits there are some questions from me which she doesn't know the answers yet. I told her that's good. I also told her to prepare for the worst. When she knew those questions she had had time to find the answers, right? She has to prepare herself. So, when the thesis-defend day comes, she will know what to do, what to say, and what to answer.

I have passed that stage on June 1, 2011. One night before I had to defend my thesis, I practiced how to present my thesis. I stood in front of the mirror and practiced presentation. And long long before that I already had prepared questions that might be asked by "dosen penguji" (what do you say "dosen penguji" in English?).

And the day came. I was nervous at first, but then I became more relax. Thanks God, my two "dosen penguji" were so nice. They asked me questions, made corrections for my thesis here and there, without ruining me and making me defenseless. You know what I mean, don't you?

That makes me feel that a thesis-defend isn't horrific. It's not something I (and you) should be afraid of. I set my mind to see a thesis-defend was actually a discussion. I would discuss my thesis with two people that hadn't heard about my thesis before and it was my task to tell them what my thesis was about. I set my mind to think that two "dosen penguji" were my bestfriends. So, I didn't need to feel fear and nervous. I became more relax, cozier with myself and the situation, and I felt my confidence grew. And it did feel like I was having a chit-chat with my bestfriends. :-)

And, I thought that I succeeded in giving my presentation. My supervisor said that, too. She said that I was good in presenting my thesis. I was really happy when I heard that from her.

Setting your mind in a positive way is important before you defend your thesis. You don't believe me? Look at my experience. I thought in positive and it affected my cognitive, emotion, and behavior. And it turned out that the atmosphere in my thesis-defend was positive. I could think clearly, I was in good emotion, and I was in good behavior (I smiled a lot in that room and made one or two jokes). :D

Well, but I also have to say that I'm so lucky to have two nice, kind, and constructive lecturers as my "dosen penguji". :D

To all of you who are now nervous facing your a thesis-defend day, I wish you good luck! You do not need to be nervous. What you do need is sleep and eat well. ;))


  1. your friend should be very lucky. couldn't imagine if those killing questions out from examiners or academic advisor :)

  2. trus gimana  skripsi lu? udah sidang belonan? lulus?

  3. your friend should be very lucky. couldn't imagine if those killing questions out from examiners or academic advisor :)

  4. ada postingan khusus buat kamu --> 

  5. wah bener nih, ketakutan ane seringkali gak lulus uji-realitas.. hehe.. bukannya dihadapi malah dihindari, jadinya malah berabe.. hehe.. tapi gak papa lah, telat satu semester gak papa.. *menghiburdirisendiri


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