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Day 92. Post a Day 2011.

You must all know that from blog you can befriend with anyone, right? That's what I love from blogging. To be honest, I feel closer with my friends that I've met from blogs than my friends from schools or college. I don't know why but I don't really like to mingle with my school friends. When my friends still keep their relations with their old school friends, while I... I prefer to keep my distance. I don't get along with them.

From this blog, I've met a new friend recently! Well, not really "recently" if you know what I mean. :D Btw, her name is Anggie. She knew my blog when she googled a movie "A Moment to Remember" and she landed on my blog. Like any other bloggers, I don't know who my readers are until they come to me and introduce themselves. Anggie added my Y!M and my facebook account and since that we become friends.

Once I asked her why she didn't have her own blog, so she can have her own fans. And there is a possibility that I may become one of her fans. Hahaha... And on April 4, 2011 she decided to have a blog that she calls it Usedbookholic.

I first read her blog on this blogpost. She said because she read my blog, there was an urge that she wanted to manage her own blog. Ah, I was (still am!) so glad when I knew that! I'm so proud of myself when I know one or two persons make their blogs because they have read mine therefore they want to have their own blogs.

So, do please come to visit Anggie's blog. Read her writings there. She's good at writing, you know. I like reading her blog. She can write details in a good way, in an engaging way, without need to be long winded. I'm not bored reading her blog, even though I can say that her blog is a personal blog. She writes about her travel, her feelings for someone (ahem!), her old treasure (and that makes me think I want to do the same to my future-children. Aha!), and etc.

I guess I have to learn from her how to make a good writing. :D

Last but not least, if you like her blog, feel free to subscribe it.

p.s.: Anggie is also my pen-pal. :D


  1. Kimiiii...you are soooo sweet! :) Super thanks! Udah jarang update lagi *blushing. Aku sibuk *ngeles. Makasih yaaa..  You just made my day! ;)

  2. yups,  love her writing too.. hope she up date her blog again...

    i thought the blog was about used book, hehhe

  3. langsung main ke blog anggie :D


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