Goodbye, Post a Day 2011 (?)

Day 99. Post a Day 2011.

I'm very tired now. I don't know why recently I'm so easily to be tired. In fact, this whole day I've only spent my days at my campus. I was waiting my undergraduate thesis to be signed by my faculty's dean. Unfortunately, Mr. Dean is busy today so he hasn't signed my undergraduate thesis and my friends'. From Subbag Akademis (what do you call this in English?) said that I could come again on Monday. Hopefully on Monday my thesis already has been signed by Mr. Dean.

By the way, I have been planning to give you a gift. Since the first time I blogged until now, I've never given you--my fellow readers--anything. I know it's not compulsory, but I want to give you something. Problem is I don't know what to give you (of course it will be adjusted within my money budget). Ah, we will get to that next time. Okay?

Last, I'm starting to feel lazy now to update my blog every day. Maybe I will take a break for a moment. To charge my spirit, to refresh my life. Perhaps, this Post a Day 2011 project I've made for my own will be stopped. And, perhaps I will write when every time I feel I want it to. Regularity become irregularity. Ah, I'm a person who has such lack of will.

But, I'm not really sure. We'll see. What do you think about this? Any advice?


  1. yeah i think, we must write happily and without pressure.... your project doesn't be effective,  i think. blogging will be fun if  we will do it without pressure

  2. my postaday2011 tag also ended up fail, hiks

  3. hehehe sami dunk sama gue..belum bisa posting di blog setiap hari..makanya gue salut sama blogger kayak gie wahyudi....konsisten banget dia posting tiap hari..two thumbs

  4. Iya, Mas Gie Wahyudi itu konsisten banget ngeblog tiap hari. Lah saya angot2an. ;))


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