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Day 86. Post a Day 2011.

It's been a week since my last post. There is not much to tell except I have broken my promise again to write one blogpost each day. Pardon me.

And it's been a week already I'm at my hometown. Actually I have no plans before to go home. It's all so sudden. My father got sick and he decided to see a doctor in Singapore--accompanied by my sister. I was so extremely worried when I first time heard the news. But, thanks God the doctor said that there was hope to cure my father.

So, when my father and my sister went back to home, I desperately needed to see my father. I need to know how he's doing after he's got his treatment. My mind wasn't at ease before I saw my father with my own eyes. Therefore, on last Sunday (26/06) I flew to my hometown.

I'm quite relaxed now seeing my father's body is receiving his treatment very well. I hope it continues until he's completely healed and I hope he will always be strong until this malignant disease goes away forever leaving my father in peace.


  1. cepat sembuh papa ^^

    lama ga main ke blog kimi :malu:

  2. semoga papamu cepat sembuh...

  3. i'm sorry but pray for your dad. i hope he gets well as soon as possible. :)


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