"I Can Die, but I Can Not Sick."

While I was on my way to Gleneagles Hospital, the taxi driver spoke to me.

"I can't understand why you, Indonesian people, go to Singapore and see doctors here. Like, what, you don't have good doctors, heh? Many Indonesian people go to either Mount Elizabeth or Gleneagles. I think without you guys both hospital will close down. We're Singaporeans can't go there. Rich Singaporeans can, but we (low-middle SES* Singaporeans) can not go there. It's very expensive there. I can die, but I can not sick. To be sick in Singapore is very expensive. It's crazy."

I think when concerning about health, it is expensive every where. Well, but yes, hospitals, doctors, and medication in Singapore are extremely expensive. IT IS CRAZY.

*SES : Social economic status


  1. Indonesian people below poverty line also can not sick. they better die soon :(

  2. Yah... too bad they can't get access to better medication. :( Well, they can, but you know how difficult it is. :(

  3. hmm.... kata2 nya bagus.... kereeen

    OOT: ada tugas buatnu >> http://immanuels-notes.blogspot.com/2012/02/mungkin-ini-memang-akhir-dari-posting.html


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