My Last Night in 2011


How's your new year's eve last night? Well, mine was nothing special. I was already in my sweet dream when my neighbours blew their trumpets and lighted their fire crackers.

Last night my family and I did have our dinner together. It's not like we're celebrating new year. It's more like we had our quality time in a new year's night. We were barbecuing in our houseyard. :party Well, actually my sister did all the cook, while the rest of us did all the eating. :v

beef steak, chicken sausage, and squid! 

Looks very delicious, aren't they? Indeed, they're very delicious! My sister is a great cook. Yeay! :b

But, before we ate those delicious steaks, I took some photographs of my family.

Dewi, Haikal, my mom, and Fajri

my lovely parents

I took pictures some more, but the results aren't good as I expected, and I feel ashamed to upload them here. Guess I'm definitely bad with camera. :(

So, that's my last night in 2011. What about yours?


  1. hey hey, blognya bagus, visit back yah, kalo mau tukeran link bilang aja okey :)

  2. wah, malam tahun baru saya di rumah aja, mbak. kebetulan ada tamu dari luar kota. selamat tahun baru 2012, mbak kimi, semoga makin tambah sukses, ya.

  3. aku tiduuur :)) tau2 uda jam 2 pagi trus lanjut nonton julia roberts di tipi ^^

  4. wah senangnya bisa kumpul bareng keluarga :)

  5. tahun baru adalah menikmati waktu saja, serasa berdoa
    smga makin sukses ya di tahun naga aiar "D

  6. Semoga kita semua makin sukses, Om... :)

  7. Iya, senang banget aku. Malam tahun baruan kamu gimana? :)

  8. Nonton apaaa? Aku dari abis nonton MU kalah langsung tidur aja. :))

  9. Selamat tahun baru juga, Pak. Semoga kita semua makin sukses ya! Amin... :)

  10. Terima kasih. Saya sudah mampir ke blog kamu. Sudah saya subscribe juga ke Google Reader saya. :)


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