It's My New Bad Habit

I can say in my family I am the only one who loves reading, besides my father. Since I was a child, if my mind serves me right, my parents didn't give me any influence to love books. If some people say, their love for books was first begun when they were kids, when their parents left them in a bookstore, their parents read them stories every night, or their parents always gave them books, it didn't go like that for me. My parents rarely took me to a bookstore, they never gave me books, nor they read me stories before I went to bed.

I started to fall in love with books when I was in junior high school. My first novel to read was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I fell in love with Harry Potter immediately, and I fell in love with books ever since. Every time I opened a book, I couldn't put it down before I finished reading it. I could read Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 18 hours straight without sleeping. I only closed the book when I needed to pee or to eat. Okay, 18 hours maybe a little bit exaggerated. :D

Then, this reading hobby continues. Until now. And the last 5-6 years, my love for books is getting deeper and deeper. *halah* 

Unfortunately, based on my own observation, my reading pace now is soooo slow! In fact, it's too slow. I used to finished reading a book in a day, but now if I could finish reading a book in 3 days, that would be WOW! I mean, I'm bringing my book every where I go. It feels awkward if I don't have a book in my hands. But, I don't read it seriously. Usually I only read fifty pages maximum when a lazy feeling comes. Then, I put my book down and never open it again until the next day or two days later. Or until I remember that I'm reading a book. Besides that, now I've got problems with concentration. I can't concentrate when I'm reading. I'm easily distracted with anything. For example, I'm reading for five minutes then I stop to play games in my handphone for, like, one hour. So, I don't need to be surprised if I can finish reading a book in 1-2 weeks, maybe in a month for a 300-pages book. 

Because now I'm already used to this slow-reading pace, it's difficult for me to break that bad habit. I need to change. I need to focus, to concentrate, to be serious in reading books. I mean it seriously if I want to make it as my new habit. And if I want to succeed my 50-nonfiction-reading challenge this year. 


  1. Ha!

    I feel you too sis. As much as I remember about the old days, I used to be able to finish one novel in one mere day. It seems to be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve this again nowadays. As we grow older, it has become more apparent to me that our minds are more occupied with our daily lives, with problems and challenges in our families or works, and these things seem to burden 
    and keep distracting  us while trying to find some empty space for literature works. That, or I am reading more difficult materials lately :))
    That's what I think what is happening to me. I'm just wondering if you also share this experience. :D

  2. me too... it could take 1-2 weeks to finished a single book (sometimes i never finish it). even if i like the book so much. it is always easier to get lost in my own mind#baca ngelamun, rather than reading an appropriate book.

  3. I remembered that d first time i red Harry Potter is when i sick, my fren brought that book and sudden i fallin love

  4. It was my high school when I noticed how I love books. Oh, No. I did not love book, actually. I just found books answers some of my curiousity about how to build this and that :D

  5. It's good to have curiosity! I hope I had it since looooong time ago.

  6. Well, I'm more likely the latter one. I think what hindering me from finishing book is I'm reading more difficult materials. Or... Maybe I'm just lazy. Just that simple. :))

  7. Awww... Your friend was so nice. :')


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