Bandar Lampung and My Complaints

As you may already know I live in Bandar Lampung. For some of you who may have never heard of Bandar Lampung before, maybe you want to take your time to read Wikipedia here

Done? Already read that article? Okay. I know you may still don't really know about my city. Neither do I. I don't really understand my city, either. :O

In this post, I will not write to give you details about Bandar Lampung, like its history, its economic, its government, etc. You can find about that in any other websites. Go search for yourself. Besides, I don't quite master those areas. Do you know what I'm really good at? Complaining.

Fans: So, this post is about your complaint, Kim?

Yes, it is.

I'm complaining that this city is getting more and more crowded. In 2010, population in Bandar Lampung was 881.801 people. For a city with area total is only 197,22 km2, Bandar Lampung is densely populated. Every time I'm inside my car and I go around the city, often--very often--I'm wondering where do these people live? With all that scarce land and stuff, where do these people build their houses? Take for example a newlywed. Where will they live? Will they buy a house or rent a house? It is not a problem if Bandar Lampung still has many vacant land. They can buy a land and build a house, or buy a house in housing. Problem occurs now with land is scarce already. As far as my eyes can see, all land here are built ruko (rumah toko). I don't know what ruko is in English. (Ruko is a building which usually has two or three floors. In the first floor is where people use it for business and the upper floors are used as their homes.) There are too many rukos. Too many until you can see that some of rukos are wasted, inhabited, and neglected.

It is a problem that we're facing now. I can't imagine in the next two, five, ten years, when babies are more born and more couples will be getting married. Okay, I think I can't breathe now. Somebody, please, gives me CPR. I prefer a handsome young man, by the way.

You may give solutions to our Mayor Mr. Herman HN, who selfishly wants to participate in Lampung Governor election in 2013. Let say, you're suggesting him to build apartments instead of rukos. Good point. But, of course, we hope our lovely local government will give us subsidy. So, people from low-middle class can afford it.

That is one point I'm complaining. I still have plenty of complaints, actually. But, for this post I think two complaints are enough.

So, we move on to complaint number two: Bandar Lampung has too many vehicles.

About five or six years ago a traffic jam is something that still rare for me to see in Bandar Lampung. But now, I see cars and motor cycles are every where. With all roads here are small, plus numbers of vehicles are plenty, no wonder traffic jam becomes common now for us, Bandar Lampung citizen.

Based on this article, in 2010 there were 5.472 cars and 47.487 motor cycles. WOW! That was in 2010. The numbers must be rising now after two years. Even though every year vehicles are increasing, but I don't see from local government to do something significant about it (to overcome traffic jam). For example, build highways and more roads, and cheap public transportations.

I believe, if we have cheap public transportation, and of course comfortable, people without a doubt will put their cars and motor cycles in their garages and they will take public transportation. And, for highways and roads, if you have ever come to Bandar Lampung, you know exactly what I mean. Ever since I was born and living here, I don't see any road constructions to add roads or to make roads here wider. But, it's my question actually,  whether is it possible or not to build highways in Bandar Lampung, technically?

Okay. Two complaints are already delivered to you. I hope you enjoy reading it! \m/

Fans: By the way, Kim, who wants to enjoy reading about your complaints? :|

You, absolutely. ^_^

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