Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

With all due respect, please consider to change your RSS feed blog from summary feed to full feed. For your information, I read your blogs from my Google Reader. If your RSS feed is in summary feed, what is the point I'm subscribing your blogs? You push me to hit "read more" and direct me to your blog. At the end of the day, I don't click "read more" and it means I don't read your posts until finish. I only read what Google Reader provides me to read. So, what is the point you write posts but only some people will read them until last word, while some other people choose to skip reading your posts?

Well, the choice is yours. Either you want to change your RSS feed to full feed or keep it in summary feed. But, as your reader, I also have a choice. Either keep your blogs subscribed or unsubscribed in my Google Reader. So simple.

Maybe you ask me, if it is so simple, why do I bother write this letter to you? Answer is I do still want to read your beautiful blogs. I love your writings, that's why I subscribe your blogs in the first place. But, this summary feed  really annoys me. I'm sorry, but that's the truth.

So, after you read this, oh how I hope so much that you really consider my plea. 

Thank you.


Your (maybe-not-so) loyal reader.


  1. ada temenku yang bilang gini:

    kamu nggak takut dibajak tuh ngasih full entri

    terus aku jawab:

    mau full atau enggak kalo udah niat ngebajak ya ngebajak aja
    lagian berapa banyak sih orang yang ngebajak dari GR :)
    aih tulisanku g segitu kerennya juga kan ya buat dibajak :)

  2. dear reader,
    as afgan said : kamu sadis :|

  3. dear reader

    i don't know how my blog appears on your google reader. since i did never tweak its default =))


  4. Betul itu. Kalau emang mau ngebajak ya ngebajak aja. Meski tulisan kita di blog pun sudah diproteksi gak bisa diklik kanan dan copy paste, selalu ada jalan menuju Roma. ;)


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