RIP Pikapa

For the last one year, I have bought three gadgets that I consider as my most favorite things that I have ever owned. First, my e-book reader. Second, my (second) laptop. Third, my new android handphone. I really love these three things. There is no regret after I bought them. The feeling which left inside my heart is satisfied.

Yes, I'm satisfied and happy with them. I feel like just by owning Pikapa (my e-book reader's name), Sophie (my laptop's name), and Alejandro (my handphone's name), I don't want any other gadgets that may have more advanced technology than theirs. For me, they are enough. I won't bother look for another gadgets until one day that they're old enough, broken, lost, or stolen. 

But, it seems now that I have to buy a new e-book reader. :|

Pikapa is broken.

This morning I pressed Pikapa's power button to turn it on. I wanted to charge him (yes, Pikapa is a "he". I decided him to be a "he"). Unfortunately, he didn't want to turn on. But, his indicator light was red. That was indicating that he was charging. I had unplugged his battery and pressed his reset button, but no result. He's still silent.

I'm sooooooo sad! What make me sad is Pikapa was a birthday present from my father. He gave me Pikapa last year on February 12, 2011. Well, not literally he gave Pikapa to me. But, he gave me money to buy Pikapa. :P

Just to let you know, I didn't name my e-book reader "Pikapa". I named him first "Pinkbook". I changed Pikapa's name from Pinkbook because I didn't feel comfortable with "Pinkbook". Kak Moko came up with "Pikapa" which stands for "Pintar Kaya' Papa". I immediately changed my e-book reader's name to Pikapa!

I'm still sad. Really sad. But, thank God I don't shed a tear on my cheeks. But, still... Sad. Pikapa. A birthday present from my father. Pikapa's dead. :c

May you rest in peace, Pikapa. Thank you for all your hard work to let me read e-books through you. Thank you for all your time that has been spent to accompany me in happiness and sadness. I hope I can buy another e-book reader to replace you. Soon. 

p.s.: Which one do you think is cooler between Nook Simple Touch and Sony PRS-T1?


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