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This morning I attended my relative's wedding party. Food was great, decoration was awesome, but unfortunately I didn't like the wedding singers. Do you want to know my reason? Well, a wedding day is supposed to be a happy day, right? But, why on earth the wedding singers sang plenty of sad songs? While I was on the party, I couldn't help myself for thinking, "Is this a wedding party or a heart-breaking announcement?" Just for your information, they sang Adele's "Someone Like You", Celine Dion's "To Love You More", Agnes Monica's "Karena Ku Sanggup". Sorry, that's all that I can remember. I should've written all songs title that they sang just to tell you how desperate the singers were.

I made a conspiracy theory. I think, the wedding singers were hijacking my relative's wedding party. They wanted to tell the whole guests that they're either had just recently been left or been betrayed by their boyfriends or husbands. Or maybe, they didn't like my relative and his wife to be happy, so they sang those sad songs. By singing sad songs, maybe they're praying my relative and his wife to be sad. Were they so numb or what? Couldn't they feel happines coming from my relative? 

That's my theory, though. 

I just can't understand why people sing sad songs in a wedding party? Please, tell me. Unless you are the  groom's/bride's ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and you're still in love with him/her, and you sing a sad song, I can understand that.

p.s.: Now, I'm listening to a sad dangdut song from my neighbour's party. A wedding party. I hear the lyrics were something like "kau khianati akuuu..."


  1. perhaps, its just because,
    ga hapal banyak lagu, atau ya yg pas dengan suaranya ya lagu2 sedih gitu aja
    *berusaha berpikiran positip*

  2. your conspiration theory is interesting, and make sens, LOL

  3. Perhaps the wedding singer doesn't undestand 'message' that bringing on that song. 

  4. sad song in wedding party???
    ntr qu tnyain mngapa sllu lgu2 itu,,,
    kbtuln ad tmen yg biasa nyanyi di kondangan,,,

    MAPIR di blog qu yah

  5. yupss,,,,
    pling gk yg pnting spnjang acara kan ad hiburan ny...

    MAMPIR k blog qu yah... ^_^

  6. Nayarini EstiningsihApril 2, 2012 at 7:15 PM

    maybe, just maybe, the singer doesnt even understand the meaning of the lyrics of the songs and just sing them out. as long as the songs are popular, people like them, doesnt matter what the lyrics mean, who cares, right? at the end of the day, it's a wedding party in indonesia hehe... that would be an issue if it's in england or usa as people would immediately pick up the meaning of the lyrics and become uncomfortable right away (like you did ;-p) - just my 2 cents

  7. Yaaa... Bisa jadi sih. Mungkin saja. :|

  8. Hahaha... And, maybe you have another conspiracy theory? ;))

  9. Bagiku sih hiburannya makan gratis aja. :))

    Btw, gimana mau mampir kalo linknya gak ada. ;))

  10. Hohoho... Okelah kalau begitu. Nanti kalau temanmu sudah jawab, kasih tahu aku ya! :D

  11. Well, that is reasonable. You're right. As long as the songs are popular here in Indonesia, they will just sing them. They don't even bother what the meaning is.


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