Monday, April 16, 2012

Untitled #32

One day Om Warm told me one name: Bubin Lantang. The first thing that came to my mind was, "What is Bubin Lantang?" Of course, I didn't say this to him. I didn't want to give him an impression that I was... ehm... clueless. 

So, it turned out that Bubin Lantang isn't a thing, it is a person. He is a writer, Om Warm's most (I think so) favorite writer. Do you know what next thing came to my mind? Well, I thought what kind of name Bubin Lantang was. I never heard a name like that before. Of course, again, I didn't tell this to Om Warm. :D

Om Warm told me vehemently that Bubin Lantang wrote good novels. His novels had Bandar Lampung (yes, my hometown) as their setting. I was shocked. Okay, I have to admit that I never heard or read a novel with Bandar Lampung as its setting. I mean, Bandar Lampung. A small city that is never really caught people's attention. A small city that is not popular compare to other cities in Indonesia. A small city when every time I mention it to my new friends in campus, they raised their eyebrows and said, "Bandar Lampung? An elephant city, right? It still has many jungles, right?" Right. :|

What Om Warm had just told me made me curious enough that I wanted to read Bubin Lantang's books. A writer put Bandar Lampung as his novel's setting. Yes, I am curious. Put aside my curiosity, I think I have to say thank you to Bubin Lantang. Big thanks. Because he wrote Bandar Lampung in his novels. What he did actually helped Bandar Lampung to be known by many people. He promoted Bandar Lampung through his novels.  At least, people who read his works will aware that there is a city named Bandar Lampung. Well, thank you for that, Mr. Bubin Lantang.

So, now I'm reading Kisah Langit Merah by Bubin Lantang. I've just started to know him. I know it's only a few pages now that I've read, but I already can tell that it has a good story. I think I will like it. Later when I've finished reading it, I'll write about that book here.

And thank you, Om Warm, for introducing me to Bubin Lantang. 


  1. syukurlah kalau buku itu berarti banyak ya, ya saya masih penasaran dan suatu saat semoga menjejakkan kaki di kota yang 'menghantui' saya sejak dulu itu :D

    dan oh iya, bertahun-tahun pula saya baru nyadar kalau nama bubin lantang itu sebenarnya adalah sebuah anagram :D

  2. Oh ya? Nama aslinya siapa dong kalo gitu?

  3. Semacam minder kalau liat koleksi bacaanmu di Goodreads, Kim :)

  4. pinjem bukunya donkkkk Kimi :-p wah, anagram ya Om (err..salam kenal :-D) boleh nebak ya... bubin lantang = intan bublang = bulan bintang???

  5. Bubin Lantang was fill my childhood with a lot good story :))))
    kayaknya sekarang udah jarang berkarya, makanya generasi sekarang agak jarang yang kenal nama itu..
    *sok tua*

  6.  ah pinter =D
    dan salam kenal juga *halagh kenalan di lapak orang* XD

  7. Aissshhh... Kenapa harus minder, Mbaaak?

  8. Boleeeh... Kapan dong Mbaknya kemari? ;)

  9. Iya. Ini juga bukunya setelah sekian belas tahun vakum nulis. Wajar lah klo aku gak tahu. *sok muda*


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