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You know, I've just some thoughts about our social media. I read somewhere that Facebook only make us more stressful or make us have lower self-esteem. That is because we read and see our friends' status and photos and think to ourselves that they are extremely happy and lucky. Then, we ask ourselves why don't we have a happy life just like them?

Now, I'm asking myself. Who wants to post personal sad photos on social media, like Facebook? Believe it or not, I think we want to give so much impression on others that we are happy, thus we post photos of our holiday, our birthday, our big-damn-luxurious house, our family, and so on. Or we write a status that tells people that now we are happy just because we have our brand new car, or we are having trips somewhere, and more.

Funny thing is, often for myself (probably you also), reading negative blogposts or tweets or Facebook status can make me miserable. Who doesn't anyway when you read about cursing, hating, and suffering? Like s/he is the only person that suffers in the world, that there is no one in this world understands him/her, that s/he is forever alone, that no one cares for him/her, that life is cruel to him/her. Now, THAT is what making me stressful. 

See, I do understand that social media is a place where you can write anything what you want. I, myself, have to be honest that I sometimes write in negative tone, too. But, to write negativity so intense? So frequently? Right. Give your readers a break, will you? Let them rest from reading your negative writing. ;)

Fans: But, Kim, you don't understand. Social media is a place where we can pour every thing out from our heart. Sadness, happiness, misery, every thing.

I know. 

But to think of it, I think it depends on our perception. If reading a happy status can make us have lower self-esteem while reading a sad one can make us stressful, which one should we read, then? Should we take an extreme way: delete all our social media accounts so we don't need to read any kind of status? 

The choice is in our hands. It depends on how we look at every thing (those happy and sad tweets/status/blogposts). It is up to us whether we want to happy after we read them or we let that negative aura influences us. We, as readers, also have a right whether we want to read it or to skip it. Just like we, as tweeps, Facebookers, bloggers, etc., whether we want to mourn all the time or spread positive spirit to every one around us in every time.


  1. "
    Who doesn't anyway when you read about cursing, hating, and suffering?"

    I usually hide that kind of statuses, and the status owner as well, if s/he has exceedingly posted too many of such statuse. :mrgreen:

    Good, happy posts might depress, but only if we are jealous. in which case we are on the wrong side. Overly dramatic statuses are obviously the worst. And it's not my job to understand people either. >:)

  2. Facebook and twitter is place for perception. jadi siapapun didalamnya hanya ingin terlihat siapa diri mereka... 

  3. wah, saya termasuk korban facebook, saya sangat kepengin MBP dulu ketika melihat orang orang di faceook terlihat kereeen memakainya , hehehe


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