Happy Birthday, Papa!

Every time I read about cancer, they are mostly about cancer patients hopefully survive longer and live a quality life. Emphasize on "survive longer". It implies cancer patients can't be cured completely. Cancer is a malignant disease. It is horrific. Even though a doctor says a patient is clean from cancer, he still gets a threat from cancer cells. He's not healed completely. It's only remission. Because cancer will haunt him for the rest of his life. The threath is still there.

But, I believe every cancer patients will accept it. They try to befriend with this disease. And they will hold a firm believe that they will be cured one day. Just like my father does. He always believes that he can defeat his cancer. When the first time his doctor told him that his cancer was back, he was shocked. He couldn't believe it. He thought--we all thought--that his cancer had gone away. Gone for good. Apparently, we were wrong. But now he already fully accepts it. And he fights it so hard. Wishing that one day he is clean from cancer cells.

Days have gone by. Months have gone by. Now it's been a year since my father was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Time flies by. After all those obstacles my father has faced, started from a liver surgery, after surgery complication, a slow recovery from surgery, getting infected from bacteria, until countless hospitalizations, he's still standing stoutly. He beats them. He survives. He is a survivor. Not to mention three years ago when we almost lost him. He is a true survivor. He won't ever give up so easily. Even to his cancer.

Yesterday while I was reading from my Google Reader, I was moved when I read yesterday's Sunday Secrets from PostSecret. And this one had successfully made me shed a tear or two.

I know how it feels to watch a person you love is sick. You watch his pain. You watch he cries. You watch he struggles. You watch every thing until you can't bear to watch anything anymore. 

What you can do only pray to God. You pray may Him gives your loved one health. Pray may Him eases pain from your loved one. Pray may Him gives you a chance to make your loved one happy. You pray for everything. And you pray may Him listen to your prayers.

So, Papa, on your birthday, I pray to God may Him gives you health, takes your disease away, and may Him gives me chances and chances to make you happy. Happy birthday, Papa! I love you so much.


  1. wow speechless nih.... saya juga pernah punya temen cancer... bingung bicaranya... ikut berdoa aja ya... semoga selalu baik ya...

  2. my hubby lost his dad -i never met- to cancer, too. listening to his pain and lost now and then, i truly know how were you feeling when you wrote this... wish i could give you a big hug. be strong ...send my best regards to your dad, may he get well soon :-)

  3. Thank you so much, Mbak. I will send your regards to my dad. :)


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