Random #5

Every time people around me talk about shit, like bigot talking, I'm trying so hard to keep my mouth shut and not giving them any comment even though it really iritates me. Because it will be futile. It will lead us nowhere. It makes me realize then that I've actually changed a lot, while they still stick the same. 

It's so hard to change people's mind, not when they don't want to. They do think that they know everything, the truth. That they are better than other people. That they are the chosen ones and other people will be burnt in hell forever. So, it makes them prejudice toward people that are different from them. And it's difficult for them to accept diversity.

I used to be one of them and I'm not proud of that. Now everytime I hear people talk disgrace, I can't stand it. I wish I were in another place. I wish I could live in a place where people who live there respect each other amongst themselves. Where people can express their feelings and speak up their mind without fear of getting caught. Where people have freedom either want to believe in God or don't want to believe. Where people have freedom to do their prayers without worries. 

I'm scared. I'm getting more scared every day. I feel less safe live here in my beloved country. Where do I seek a place that can be safe for me and my family?


  1. Sabar mbak jangan marah2.bulan puasa

  2. waduh ada apa nih?.... semoga baik baik saja ya.... just believe in... you will be ok...

  3. sometimes we got mixed feeling about it. in one side you feel less save and want to leave this country, in another side you love this country so much.

  4. :: Huda Tula ::
    Funny thing is I don't really love my country that much. #eh

  5. :: Applausr ::
    Tidak ada apa-apa kok, Mas. Hanya berpikir random saja. #halah


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