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This morning I read two blogposts that caught my attention.

First, a blogpost from Stretty News and I found an interesting comment from Sir Alex Ferguson. Here, let me quote you from Stretty News:

Sir Alex Ferguson says he is pleased with our new signing and claims he now has four strikers to rival his famous 1999 quartet. The boss told reporters at his press conference: “Rooney and Van Persie are two fantastic players and it’s great to have both of them. What it gives us is more strength and combinations up front. Going back to the 1999 season, we had Yorke, Cole, Sheringham and Solskjaer, the four best strikers in Europe. 
“We’re getting towards that now with Wayne, Robin, Chicharito, Danny Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa. It’s a fantastic collection of players. I just hope I pick the right combinations."

Four strikers and no name of Dimitar Berbatov there. Does it mean Berbatov has been sidelined and SAF no longer thinks to use his service? If that so, why not just sell him? I feel pity to Berbatov. *pukpuk Berbatov* 

Second, a blogpost from Talking Philosophy. It's about the Alexander Aan online petition which has failed. You may already know the news about Aan. He's been sentenced to prison for 2,5 years because he posted on Facebook that he's an atheist. The petition is made to be sent to White House with hope that Obama might intervene Aan's case. Unfortunately, until the deadline arrived, the petition ended with only 8.000 signatures while 25.000 signatures were needed to make this petition to go any further.

So, why has it failed?

Based on what I read, it probably because Aan's arrest didn't get so much attention from media in USA, so only few people had ever heard of his name.

So why were so few moved to action? De Dora received emails from some saying a petition would have little effect – especially one aimed at a president who already has enough religious headaches in an election year. In addition, Aan’s arrest did not attract widespread media attention, so many people may not have recognized his name. Others reported technical problems with the We The People website.

Talking Philosophy quoted that from here.

I'm sad. Really sad. I'm sad because in this country we don't have freedom to declare what we believe in out loud. Because if your belief isn't approved by majority, you'll have to be ready for the consequences. Whether you get an attack or you'll be convicted to jail. Or probably worse. Only God knows.

And I'll close this post by saying

Happy independence day, Indonesia! Long live and more prosperous! MERDEKA!

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  1. Indonesia sudah memiliki kebebasan berbicara seperti yang tercantum di pasal 28.  hehehe bener ga tuh ya pasal.... tapi ya sekarang cenderung ke blablasan.. kayak kita gini loh blogger bebas ngomong apa aja... hahahaha


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