Sleeping Without Dreams

This past few months I've been having new illness. I didn't know what it's called, but its symptoms are my chest is hurt and also my stomach. I complained about this almost all the time to my family. There was one night that I suddenly woke up and felt pain in my chest. I woke my parents up and my dad immediately drove me to ER. The doctor told me there was nothing wrong with my heart. Probably the pain was caused by my gastric problem. Sometimes stomach acid can go up to esophagus from stomach and that can cause pain in chest. So, I went home and the doctor only gave me omeprazole 20mg (with another medicine which I already forgot).

But, this pain doesn't completely go away.

At times it will come back with more pain in my chest and with the relapse of my gastric makes me feel a lot miserable. My father insisted me to see a cardiologist. I insisted to say no. My heart was fine. My heart is fine. There is nothing wrong with my heart.

But, about four days ago my illness had relapsed. This time was really hurt. Because my father knew I was sick, then he asked me again to go to a cardiologist. I couldn't say no this time. Let's go find out what this cardiologist would say.

And as I already suspected my heart was fine. There was no sign of heart disease. But, when the cardiologist checked on me he asked weird question. He asked, "What time do you go to sleep? Do you dream?" Of course, I dream. Who don't dream while people are sleeping? I dream every night. I answered his question firmly.

If it was the case, according to the cardiologist, it meant that I never had sound asleep. If I never have sound asleep, it means my body never takes a completely rest. Because my mind go wandering off somewhere, it never shuts down and never gives a chance to my own body to regenerate. He also said it could cause me feel uneasy, weak, and often feel sick. Finally, he said probably it could cause me psychosomatic. He said maybe I was stressed out, burning out, or whatever that affected my sleep.

I was stunned. What? Psychosomatic? Me? I never thought of that before. A part of me wanted to deny this. I insisted by telling him maybe what I had actually was GERD. I read somewhere about GERD and its symptoms looked familiar to me. So, he supposed to treat my GERD. But, another part of me wanted to learn to accept it. Maybe all diseases that I've had for all this time actually is psychosomatic. I really need to go deeper about that. I think I should consult to a psychologist.

Well, anyway, back to the cardiologist. He said my illness was easy to cure then. Just treat my gastric and my sleep problem. Therefore, he gave me Xanax 0.25mg, Omeprazole 20mg, and a syrup for gastric which I forgot its name (and which I drink it without following as I was ordered). He didn't give me medicine for my GERD. Oh, crap. Maybe I just take Nexium 20mg from my father's medicine box. 

By the way, even though I'm taking Xanax for three nights in a row now, I still have dreams when I sleep.


  1. Aku, tiap kali tidur, selalu bermimpi. Nyaris selalu bermimpi... Dan yah gak ada ngerasain hal2 aneh2 saja dengan fisikku...Normal2 aja... Malahan aku bingung, emang bisa yah tidur tanpa bermimpi? Soalnya belum pernah ngalamin sih. Hehehe

  2. @92832756c86ec5822e7a13ae5bfc8378:disqus

    Nah, itu dia. Aku juga begitu. Tapi, kata dokternya tidur yang bagus itu yang nyenyak itu ya tidurnya tidak ada mimpi. Berarti kita tidur beneran dan tubuh kita bisa istirahat total. Ya itu sih kata dokternya. :D

  3. saya setuju tuh sama kata dokternya. tidur yang bagus itu yang nggak ada mimpi. jadi total istirahat. semoga lekas sehat ya.

  4. @0df6d8a9774cb1ce747e3d3cf1147155:disqus

    Terima kasih. :)

  5. sama kaek Nuel, aku jg mimpi terus tuh tiap hari, dan syukurlah sehat2 saja... hmm... ada faktor laen kali ya... apa ya... get well soon Kimiiii

  6. @ Nayarini Estiningsih
    Mungkin ada faktor lain. Tapi apa aku juga tidak tahu. :D Btw, thanks, Mbak... :*

  7. aku kadang bermimpi kadang tidak, tapi aku suka mimpi mimpi dalam tidurku, asal bukan mimpi mimpi buruk sih =))

  8. :: jarwadi ::
    Aku juga tidak suka mimpi buruk. Bangun tidur langsung berdebar-debar karena takut!


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