[Song] Witch Yoo Hee OST

Do you know a Korean drama Witch Yoo Hee? If my memory serves me right I think I have written about it here but I couldn't find it anywhere. :( 

Well, this post isn't about my review of this drama (I've just rewatched it a couple of days ago). But, if you ask me for my opinion the only thing I can say to you is I really love this series! I've watched it four or five times and I still fall in love with it everytime I watch it. It's funny, it's romantic, it has great soundtracks, and its male casts are sooooooooo handsome! Jae Hee, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Dennis Oh! They're so cute and they make me feel like want to hug them, kiss them, and hide them somewhere secret so people can't find them. THEY BELONG TO ME! Mwahahahahaha... :vD

Jae Hee
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Kim Jeong-hoon
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Dennis Oh
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It's probably my most favorite Korean drama that I've ever watched and I'm not interested to watch another Korean drama series. I'm just afraid that I will be addicted to it. So, I refrain myself from any Korean drama series or films. But, I think it's okay if I watch once Korean drama in a while. :D

By the way, in this post I want to share to you Witch Yoo Hee OST. I really like all the songs. They're definitely good (to my ears) although I don't understand what those songs mean. :r

So, here they go! Just to let you know, these songs are played in the whole episodes of the series. I don't know whether Witch Yoo Hee has another soundtracks outside that are played in the series.

1. Destiny

2. Sarang Ah Nae Ge Oh Gi Man Hae

3. It's a rap one. Don't know what the title of this song. :D

4. If 

5. Waiting for Your Love 

6. Day by Day 

Enjoy! Hope you like them all. :)


  1. Day by Day itu ternyata soundtrack film tooh. hehehe.. Itu lagunya SNSD kaak.

  2. waduh tidak nonton filem korea nih.. bukan tidak suka tapi susah cari waktu buat nontonnya...:)


  3. @ echyfc08
    Aku malah baru tahu kalau itu lagunya SNSD. :))

  4. @ Applausr
    Kalau yang ini coba ditonton deh, Mas. Bagus lho! :D *berusaha ngeracun*


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