I just got back from Singapore. And I've two good news. First, my father's surgery went well. He's on recovery now. Hope everything goes well and hopefully there is no complication and such. Unfortunately, Dr. Tan said my father would have another chemo. The pathology result said that the six nodules were positive cancer, even though mostly were dead. So, six chemotherapy sessions have been scheduled by Dr. Tan. By the time all his theraphies are finished, I really hope the cancer will be gone forever from my father's body.

Second, if nothing bad happens, I'll start my new job on October 1! Yeayyy! :mj I got this exciting news while I was still in Singapore. My aunt sent me a text that I got a call from my employer. She asked whether I still wanted to work at her office or not. If I still wanted the job, I could start on October 1. Of course, I want it! I've been jobless for more than a year and have been searching jobs for the last three or four months. I'd be very stupid if I throw away the offer. But, yes, there is a consequence. The consequence is I can't go with my father to accompany him to Singapore. I already talked about this with my father and he's okay with whatever my decision was. Thank God. :)

So, to celebrate my new job, I treated myself by buying books in Kinokuniya. I drained my saving. I thought, "Hey, I've been saving for months! I live frugally. I don't buy clothes, eat outside, seldom to hang out. And I think it's okay to spend my own money for moment like this. This is the right time to celebrate by buying books! Besides, I already get a job. I will have my own paycheck and can start saving again." Such a justification. And, I ended up buying seven books... SEVEN! :|

Do you wanna know how much these books cost me? They cost me SGD 135.88! Geez... That's my new record for buying books. Never before I spend money that much. :|

Now, I don't have much money left to go to beauty parlor, to buy a black blazer, a black pant, a pair of black socks, a body lotion from Body Shop, a lipstick, and I don't know what else. There are too many things I want to buy, but with so little money I have left. I am definitely broke. xP


  1. wow .....those books *jealous*

  2. kimi, congratulation for your new job.... and hope your father's health is always in a good shape.... keep the faith..

  3. @ Ely Meyer
    Don't be jealous. Buy some lah. :P

  4. @ Applausr
    Thank you very much, Mas. :)

  5. kak ayuuu.. selamat yaah udah dapat kerja. hehehe.. dan semoga papanya diberikan yang terbaik. fightiiinngg!! :)

  6. @ Resti Djajawinata
    Terima kasih, Echyyyy... :*


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