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After one year and one month of chemotheraphy, finally my father has agreed to have his right lung operated. His oncologist, Dr. Tan Yew Oo, already suggested him lung surgery since the first time we came to see him. But, my father was traumatized after his liver surgery because it took him months to fully recover. I saw his sufferings at that time and I completely understand why my father rejected Dr. Tan's suggestion at first.

What changed his mind was the cold hard fact after he had completed a PET scan on Tuesday (28/08). The result isn't like what we have hoped. In my father's right lung there are still six nodules which Dr. Tan doesn't know what they are. Are they cancer cells, TBC, or an infection?  Because from the PET scan report the nodules are too small to be identified. Therefore, a biopsy is a must-to-do for us to know what those six nodules are. For that, Dr. Tan has refered us to a lung specialist, Dr. Wong Poo Sing, also a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Dr. Wong gave us a highlight what kind of surgery my father would have. It is a keyhole surgery. First, Dr. Wong will make a small incision on my father's back. Then, he'll take a sample of those nodules to be checked. A pathologist is ready to do his/her job. Just in 20 minutes, they'll get the result. If it is cancer, then Dr. Wong will have a larger operation than keyhole surgery. He must use his hands to feel the nodules. He'll (try to) take all those nodules out from my father's right lung. Hopefully, nothing will be missed. 

To be honest with you, I'm so afraid this time. My father has gone through so much and now does he have to go through another obstacles? Gosh, I can't imagine his pain that he'll bear for the coming months. If after this surgery he'll get better, in other words he's clean from cancer cells, then it's worth a try. But if not, well, I believe we still have to do it. Because, just like Dr. Tan has said, we don't know what those nodules are. We're afraid they are cancer cells. If they're not well treated, they will spread and my father will have another misery. Probably will be worse than ever. We don't want that, do we?

Now we're praying this surgery will be a complete success. And my father will successfully pass his critical days after surgery. And no complication afterwards. And his recovery will go smoothly. And all treatment he'll have will prolong his life and will increase his quality of life. Amen! Amen! Amen! BIG AMEN!

I'm also praying for no matter what will happen, may God be kindly enough to give me and my family strength to face anything that may come beyond our hope and expectation. In other words, if a worse case scenario happens, we have to be prepared.


  1. Ya Allah.... Semoga operasinya lancar, ya.... Semoga Tuhan memberikan yg terbaik. AMinnn....

  2. wah semoga operasinya berjalan dengan lancar.... i know how you feel... hope everything is ok ya.... keep the faith

  3. Semoga yang terbaik itu adalah kesembuhan untuk ayah saya. Amiiiin... 

  4. @ Applausr
    Amiiin... Terima kasih, Mas, doanya. :)

  5. Semoga operasi & proses recovery nya bisa berjalan lancar :D turut mendoakan dari sini... buat Kimi juga supaya semangat terus ^^/

  6. semoga segalanya berjalan lancar dan ayahmu segera diberi kesembuhan dan berkumpul kembali bersama keluarga *hugs* :) 

  7. @ Adelheid
    Terima kasih atas doanya. :)

  8. @ Yuyuksetya
    Amiiiin... Terima kasih, Mbak, doanya. :)


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