Thank You, Readers.

I wanna talk about blog again. 

I just wanna say that the last three months I feel so happy about my blog. You may ask, "Why, Kimi? What makes you so happy about it?" Well, every time I look at this blog statistics, I see that there is an improvement. Numbers of pageviews since August has been increasing. Up until now approximately there are 3,564 pageviews each month. For a blogger abal-abal like me, hell, that number is crazy! I'm so proud of myself. As comparison, months and months before August 2012, this blog pageviews is only around 2,000-something. It never hit 3,000 pageviews before. So, when this blog for the very first time hit 3,566 pageviews on last August, I was sooo happy! I feel that all the hardwork I've been working on *halah* is paid off. I know I'm being lebay, but please let me lebay only for now. :P

Knowing this blog stats is increasing makes me infer that there are actually people out there come and read this blog. Either they find this blog from google or they already become my regular readers. Or maybe they find this blog from google AND become regular readers of this blog. I'm really honored and really happy, of course. And knowing that there are people read this blog keeps me blogging. You're the reason that makes me keep this blog running. With my personal life that hasn't been so good lately, sometimes I often think to call it quit. But, thanks to you, my fellow readers, I push myself not to give up. That I should never ever quit from blogging. I know that I have loyal readers, even friends (good ones, indeed), that love reading this blog. I can't thank you enough. Let me tell you this: you guys light the spirit up for me. 

Once again, thank you so much for being such good readers and becoming my friends. I know I've never met with some of you, I know I've never known some of you, I know some of you are my silent readers, so whoever you are and where ever you are, please bear with me. Stay with me. Please, be my friends for the rest of journey of my life. 


  1. Congratulation, Kimi :)

  2. alhamdulillah... semoga tambah banyak pengunjungnya ya Kimiii... keep sharing positive things :)

  3. selalu senang bisa menjadi bagian dari kehidupan blogmu Kim :)

  4. yes, that's a crazy number. 3,5 k/month.
    ctyaar membahana... :))

  5. @ Huda Tula
    Kenapa kok sekarang lagi heboh dengan "cetyaar" ya? *gak update*

  6. @ honeylizious
    Terima kasih, Hani. :)

  7. @ pety puri
    Amiiin... Semoga semakin banyak yang ke mari. Eh tapi, gak nambah juga gpp sih. :D

  8. wow kereeeeeen!!!!!! really great hit :)

  9. @ jarwadi
    Pasang Disqus, Mas, di blog. Biar rame hits-nya. :D


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