A Plan For This Weekend

I've just got my paycheck and at first I thought I wanted to watch "Habibie-Ainun" at the theater. Yeah, I know I'm so left behind I haven't watched the movie. But, after transferring some balances to my other bank accounts, the remaining balance at my primary bank account doesn't look so good. So, I've changed my plan for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

My plan is simple. I will stay at home and read books. Let see how many books I can finish reading in two days. I will try to minimize interruptions, such as from internet and my Blackberry (wait, have I told you that I bought another Blackberry phone?!). I can only allow myself to use internet for checking Google Reader and updating this blog (if I want to). And for my Blackberry, I will put it very far from me while I'm reading so I won't be tempted to hold and to check it every minute.

This is me-time plan that I've been craving for. It's been so long since the last time I can focus on reading books. I miss the times when I can read a book for hours non-stop and can get my focus on it. So, I hope this time my plan will be going very well. 

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