Thursday, January 3, 2013

Untitled #38

Since I start working, it's rarely for me to stay awake until midnight. I have to wake up so early in every morning and I spend almost more than twelve hours at my office, therefore I know my limits. I can't tolerate lack of sleep. I have to rest properly. Because based on my experience, if I sleep really late at night for continous of time, I will be grumpy. This happened when I was doing my mini-thesis. At that time I had to sleep late because I was working on my mini-thesis and I didn't have enough time to sleep. Do you want to know what happen then? I was on my edge. I was really easily to get upset. I cried without particular reason. I had a bad mood. And I came back to my normal self after I had enough sleep. :)

But tonight I have to sleep late although I don't want to. It's because I have homework from training which I attended in Bandung on last December 2012. I have to finish summarizing all materials from training! Arrrrggghhh... :@

Speaking about sleep, I often meet or read about someone that seems doesn't have a problem if he has lack of sleep. I don't know where he gets his energy if he sleeps less than eight hours almost every night and he can still manage all his activities during the day. I truly envy him!


  1. Alah bisa karena biasa.... Itu yang si cowok itu nggak ngefek sama yang namanya begadang... :)

    Btw semangat, Kim!!! ^^

  2. Kalo Hani butuh sekitar 6 jam buat tidur malam, tapi siang tidur lagi sekitar 1-2 jam :)

  3. @ Rohani Syawaliah
    Kalau aku mah sudah tidak bisa lagi tidur siang, kecuali di akhir pekan. :((

  4. @ nuel
    Meskipun terbiasa, katanya sih keseringan begadang itu tidak bagus juga.


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