Disturbing Dreams

Three years ago I wrote that I wanted to become a diarist. I wanna be a person who keeps a diary and writes journal of her life every day. Well, maybe not every day. There are times of ups and downs, right? Ups is when you're constantly writing your diary every day. You just can't wait for the next day to come so you can update your diary. Downs is when you feel like you don't want to write anything. It could be days, weeks, or even months that you feel not like touching your diary. Those times happen to me. Believe me.

I still write a diary, just to let you know. After I had my online diary, then my conventional diary, back again to online diary, now I think I'm settled with the conventional one. I need a conventional way to write things. Obviously, I need a pen and paper to write. Why? So I don't have to forget writing using my hands. I'm so good at typing keyboards, but I'm getting worse with my handwriting. I also feel when I spend twenty or thirty minutes (maybe more, maybe less), I'm writing a journal using a pen and a book, it gives me a peace of mind. I can concentrate. Unlike when I still wrote on my online diary, I was so easily distracted with Twitter, Plurk, pop up messaging chat, you name it. 

You can google yourself to research what the advantages of keeping a journal are. But, I can save your time from googling. :P You can read the articles here and here. From all articles I have read (not only those two, by the way. I'm just bragging), they all say almost the same thing. Keeping a journal can give benefits to your health, to your well-being. I believe it. I feel it.

Now, it's not only daily journal I've been keeping, but a dream journal, too. I forgot when first I decided to keep a dream journal. I only thought that it was a pretty cool thing to do. You know, after you wake up, the first thing you do is grab your book and write down your dream immediately before you're losing it. Then, the next hour you already forget your dreams, but you can always access them by reading your dream journal. And you laugh. Geez, you dream you're married with a Hollywood star? Or you keep dreaming your ex for days in a row? Please, dude, get a life. 

To be frank, I don't know how to interpret dreams. But, I don't think keeping a dream journal is useless just because I don't have certificate as a dream interpreter. I don't need to be a psychoanalyst to interpret my own dreams, right? All I need to do after writing down what dreams I have every night, I read them carefully. I ask myself why I dream all of those things? Is there something bothering me? What is it that I truly want? What is my subconscious trying to tell me? So, I try to solve the puzzle. And, oh, if you want to know what benefits of keeping a dream journal are, you can read here and here.

The last couple of nights I've been troubled by my dreams. I've dreamt of my father yesterday night and slashing a woman's arms last night. Not that I don't like having my father in my dream, but like I said before why I dream all of those things? I'm not gonna tell you what exactly my dreams are, but the gist is in my dream my dad gave me a lecture this and that, well, they're related to religious stuff. I'm not really a spiritual person, so pardon me for saying I don't really believe that my father actually came in to my dream and gave me some lectures. Maybe some of you are gonna say this. But, I'm more likely to say that this must be something to do with my day time. Some things that really are bothering me and making me keep thinking about them. They must be disturbing my subconscious enough because I dreamt my father, death, and I became sadistic in my dream. But, what are they? What are things that I'm so troubled in my waking state? I don't know yet. It's something I need to figure out. For the sake of my psychological and emotional health. *halah*

So, are you interested to start recording your dreams? You can try. It's cool, you know. If you're interested but you don't know how to start, here is an article how to keep a dream journal. Happy journaling! \m/


  1. Dulu pas KKN di pesisir Lampung Selatan, aku diajak ke tempat gaul menurut warga sana, yakni Moka. Namanya keren! Karena penasaran, aku rela menempuh perjalanan berjam-jam naik sepeda motor ke sana bareng temen-temen. Oalah, ternyata itu mal biasa.... Singkatan dari mol Kartini.... :D

  2. Wooh... boleh juga nih... Benar-benar hal baru buat aku... :D

  3. Hahaha... Iya, Moka itu ya Mall Kartini. Dan isinya juga ya... biasa aja. :))

  4. Terima kasih sudah komen, Rie. Terima kasih. :|


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